Teotihuacan And Its Pyramids

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Teotihuacan and its Pyramids

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Teotihuacan and its Pyramids

Thesis Statement

Teotihuacan in Mexico is a worth seeing architectural site along with its pyramids that are structurally overshadowing as compared to any other constructions of the respected era.


Teotihuacan, an ancient location in Mexico is one of the oldest acknowledged archeological sites. With certain discoveries and restorations of monuments and reverential spots, the place has gained enough attraction. The pyramids of Moon, Sun and the Feathered Serpent add to the tourists' attraction towards the archeological site. Historically, researchers categorize Teotihuacan among the most established civilizations of the world. The artwork, sculptures and geometrical designs of the buildings discovered at the site make the viewers know that they are seeing something of great value where intelligence and effort, both are put in to develop something exquisite and well formed.

The archeological site had a large population and a well-established structure that was able to accommodate thousands of people at one time. The foundation of Teotihuacan can be traced back to 200 B.C. as per the historians' consideration.

The natives of Teotihuacan appear to be worshippers as they used to believe in gods and goddesses. The meaning of the word 'Teotihuacan' also refers towards the nature of their religion as they accepted in the existence of gods and goddesses. If we scrutinize their remnants, we come to know that they believed in many gods and goddesses as pictures and sculptures are found indicating the practice of worshipping and different gods. They also appear to offer human sacrifices to their gods and goddesses in order to gain their favor for advancement of their society and betterment of their lives. As far as the society of the dwellers is concerned, they give the impression to be multiethnic as according to researchers, many tribes can be traced back to exist in Teotihuacan such as Otomi, Totonac and many more. Cowgill seconds this opinion by notifying that any one faction of people cannot flexibly possess Teotihuacan. It was a large locality and diverse groups can be accommodated within the same archeological site.

The Pyramid of Sun, the Pyramid of Moon and the Pyramid of the Feathered Serpent, all are structurally well constructed and make us believe in the supremacy of art of the people of Teotihuacan.


Importance of Teotihuacan as an Architectural Site

Teotihuacan was the greatest and most imperative civilization existent in its era. The architectural designs and social set up establishment as discovered by the archeologists, all point towards it's supremacy. Historically, it comes under the heading of highest-level civilizations of North and Central America.

Teotihuacan started as a widespread societal domain during Pre-Columbian era. It gained repute based on it's structural excellence and it's categorization as a place belonging to gods. According to Moffett et al, the place accommodated nearly two hundred thousand people that are quite a large number of people. The pyramids of Sun, Moon and the Feathered Serpent being dominant in appearance can be noticed showing heightened terraces and crumbling walls. Along with other complimentary buildings, the palace of Quetzal ...
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