'the Settlers In Canada: Written For Young People' By Frederick Marryat

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'The settlers in Canada: written for young people' by Frederick Marryat

'The settlers in Canada: written for young people' by Frederick Marryat

Book Review

History books have always remained the centre of attention of students, scholars, teachers as well as general public. It is said that nations that do not remember their history can never learn from their past mistakes and thus cannot succeed in future. Thus, history holds immense importance in determining the future and path of the nations and every member of any particular nation has to study it thoroughly in order to remain updated and cope with the future problem effectively.

Keeping in view the significance and importance of history, several authors have adopted various methods for presenting history, with some of them using straightforward and plain format while others making it attractive and captivating using various means. One such method is the use of narrations and anecdote in presenting history, while not only makes it interesting but also makes it easy to remember, especially for the youngsters and young adults, for whom it is extremely important to have hold of the past. The author of the book 'The settlers in Canada: written for young people', Frederick Marryat has described events in history in story format, and has created a novel touch to describe the role of French immigrants in the development of Canada. He has also highlighted the condition of immigrants at that time, and has focused on their feelings, emotions and condition after shifting to a new place, where they had no relative and no one whom they can call their own.

It is a well known fact that immigration to another area is a tiresome and painful process, that causes loss of life and property and people have to start their lives in a new manner altogether. The stories of people who have been a part of the procedure help in understanding the actual situation, and according to some experts, this is the best method for getting facts right and getting the actual insight of the situation that prevailed at that time, including the issues, problems, the life style and thinking of people.

A number of facts have been presented in the book, 'The settlers in Canada: written for young people', in an interesting as well as captivating manner. The plot of story and the narrations of characters has been carefully designed to highlight the conditions of French individuals who have migrated to Canada, and the part that they played in the development of Canada. According to the information provided by the author, French were the first Europeans who got settled in Canada and got exposed to the North American environment. The newly migrated French had to settle with the native people, and were so influenced by them that they too gradually became Canadians, thus giving up their original identity.

The first immigrants who moved to Canada constituted: Québécois, Franco-Ontarians, Franco-Manitobans, Fransaskois, Franco-Albertans, Franco-Columbians, Franco-Yukonaisand Franco-Tenois or francophones of the Northwest Territories. This proves that the French Canadians, who are ...
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