“the Work Of Jesus Cannot Be Fully Understood Without Some Knowledge Of His World”

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“The work of Jesus cannot be fully understood without some knowledge of his world”

“The work of Jesus cannot be fully understood without some knowledge of his world”

Many Christians have grown in a culture dominated by specific doctrines or interpretations of Jesus' teachings. However, many Christians have unanswered questions about the spiritual side of life. If you have some unanswered questions, there can be only one explanation. Answers to your questions can not be found in the doctrines and interpretations of what you currently know and believe. So if you really want to get answers to their questions, you should be ready to move beyond the current belief. You must be willing to think outside the box.

Jesus made it clear that he was willing to seek answers outside of their religious culture. Jesus also revealed that he was ready to seek the truth with an open mind and heart. Jesus told us to seek the truth and we must find it. Many Christians believe that Jesus was a special category, but he never said that he was the only one who could know the truth. He told us: "Seek and ye shall find." If we could not find, then why Jesus tells us to look for? He talked about the truth that will make us free. Again, if we could not find the truth, how would he set us free?

The problem is that if we cling to existing beliefs, we will only seek and accept the ideas that correspond to these beliefs. We hear only what we want to hear. Therefore, to really find a higher understanding, we must be prepared to look with an open mind and heart. Jesus demonstrated this willingness we can do any less?

Jesus was very direct in his challenge to lawyers, and it must be important for us to understand why he so strongly condemned these people and their approach to religion. Jesus said that lawyers do not take themselves, but what did he mean? Did not Jesus might mean that they do not have an internal approach to religion, how is he? In the end, the lawyers were clearly a letter-or-right of people were emotionally attached to the outer doctrines and interpretations.

The fact that Jesus told people to do their alms in secret and pray in private shows that, for his religion, spirituality, or rather, was internal, private activities. For Jesus, spirituality, it seems, was a personal walk with God, and he clearly encouraged his followers to also make it private, domestic work instead of displaying it in public. One of the major turning points in Jesus' ministry was his forty days in the desert. Consider why it was not forty days in the temple? Obviously, because Jesus is not a foreign religion is the key to contact with God. This contact can be achieved only by going within, finding God in his heart.

Was Jesus actually taught us that the essence of religious ...
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