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The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality

The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality


The electronic health information of patients has brought significant change the the quality care of the patients, and it has been observed that the electronic data is also facilitating caregivers to provide high quality medical services to the patients. The Agency of Healthcare and Research Quality (AHRQ), has confirmed that the innovation of information technology in healthcare has provide significant benefits to the patients. The healthcare institutions may need to have the comprehensive and accurate information of the patients to implement technologies successfully. The doctors, nurses and patient themselves appreciated the implementation of electronic record of patients.

IT in healthcare is a new initiative. The organization needs to change to implement the technology in healthcare. The more information will be reliable the more quality care could be given to the patients. The research paper aims to summaries the report of AHRQ on the The Adoption of Electronic Health Records. The report is generated from AHRQ website knowledge library (.


The electronic medical record is incorporating Information Technology and Communication (ICT) in the core of the health activity. This results in that the story stops being a record of the information generated in the relationship between a patient and a health care professional or to form part of integrated clinical information (DeVore, 2012).

The electronic medical record is the record unified and personal media, which is filed electronically all the information regarding the patient and his care. It is accessible, with appropriate limitations, in all cases in which clinical care is required (emergency, primary care , specialty, income hospital and others).

It should integrate all information media used in clinical practice. Properly store this information, making it accessible amicably, properly disseminated to potential uses and with due guarantees (consent, confidentiality, security and other requirements), and receive it, and reuse it in the most convenient way is a process still in power.

There are problems of conceptualization of the care process and the implementation of ICT, as it has not been shown to positively impact the quality of clinical care, or the disease and not on mortality. In addition, there are problems regarding the coding rules and standards (Eder, 2000).

Doctors, nurses and midwives are the largest producer of information used in the management of health care. Information resources of these entities include two types of information: the administrative and financial and medical information. Information on the nature of the administrative and financial goals is economic calculation of costs such as in the treatment process, billable to the public payer and for management purposes. The medical information focused on the patient data contained in medical records. By medical records dictated by law to be understood (and in many regulations implementing the Act, medical information and data relating to the health of patients and provided them with health care health services. According to (AHRQ) Medical records include at least the following (

indication of the patient for establishing his identity,

grantor designation provision, with an indication ...
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