The Authentic Use Of Albert Ellis Irrational Beliefs With Christian Clients

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The Authentic Use of Albert Ellis Irrational Beliefs with Christian Clients



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The rational emotive behavior therapy of Albert Ellis is a classical theory for inducing cognitive change in a person, helping him make changes in his cognition, and get rid of his problems. The theory of Albert Ellis, based on his irrational beliefs is based on his 11 irrational beliefs, and the theory of Albert Ellis basically counters these beliefs in a person. Since, Albert Ellis was an atheist his theory is based on the principles of atheism as he had proposed to make changes in the basic beliefs of the client. This research has modified the therapy of Albert Ellis so that it could be applied on Christian clients, as well. The research had studied the basic Christian beliefs in detail and modified the model accordingly. Furthermore, this research has proposed a draft distorted relational beliefs questionnaire.






1.1 Situation of the study1

1.2 Case vignette4

1.3 Prevailing clinical approach to similar cases6

1.4 Description of project development6

1.5 Research questions8

1.6 Significance of the study9

1.7 Rationale of the study11

1.8 Expected contributions to current body of knowledge13

1.9 Review of relevant literature15


2.1 Cognitive Dissonance Theory19

2.2 The Occurrence and Persistence of Dissonance20

2.3 Changing a Behavioral Cognitive Element21

2.4 A review of religious Literature22

2.4.1 Beliefs and Cognitive Distortion26

2.5 Biblically accurate beliefs about God28

2.6 Attributes about God29

2.6.1 Spirituality30

2.6.2 Personality30

2.6.3 Life30

2.6.4 Eternality31

2.6.5 Self-sufficiency31

2.6.6 Infinitude31

2.6.7 Omnipresence32

2.6.8 Transcendence32

2.6.9 Omniscience32

2.6.10 Wisdom33

2.6.11 Omnipotence33

2.6.12 Immutability34

2.6.13 Sovereignty34

2.6.14 Distorted beliefs about God34

2.7 Psychoanalytic psychotherapy36

2.8 Adlerian Psychotherapy or Individual Psychology37

2.9 Analytical (Jungian) ...
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