The Bold And The Beautiful Soap Opera

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The Bold and the Beautiful Soap Opera

The Bold and the Beautiful Soap Opera


This research paper explores the meaning given b the female audience who are in to “The Bold and The Beautiful” drama. Many respondents interpreted the sexual explicitness of the female as unethical. Appropriate evidences were collected by conducting interviews, reviews and questionnaires for the response for the drama. Brooke Logan and Ridge Forrester play a vital role in “The Bold and The Beautiful” which emphasizes the viewer's point of view.


In an soap opera, a television drama is being made in a series that is being dealing with all the daily events in the present lives of the any character in that drama. These soaps are to be made on a series base where it can keep the viewers on tenterhooks and keeping a track of the drama. This usually includes episodes in which viewers track onto the complex plots plotted in it.

The Bold and the Beautiful (B&B), is an American soap opera that has been created by Lee P.B. and William J.B. which was first premiered on March 23, 1987 on CBS Daytime. The audiences who are been watching this serial since 1987 and they play a crucial part in determining its success (Harris, B., 2009). As the audiences are intensely involved with the imaginary relationships of the characters in the drama, every episode of the serial must be made with an anticipated and suspicious continuation which influences the viewer to watch its further episodes. The impact of emotional dramas over the female population from “The Bold and the Beautiful”

Literature Review

A Reception theory endeavors to characterize the particular audience to interpret messages as a negotiation between the viewer and the programme and then what he/she interprets from it (Van, D.M.N., 2012). It has been stated by Pitout and Poulet ...