The Book Of Hebrews

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The Book of Hebrews

The Book of Hebrews


The Book of the New Testament generally known as Hebrews proclaims the superiority of Jesus Christ and Christianity over other religions. The central theme of the book is the Person and work of Jesus Christ. There is agreement by interpreters that the author had one central idea to which all subsequent theologies are subordinate. This doctrine of Christ's priesthood is the author's central theme and gives it a distinctive character. Hebrews has a very distinctive way of viewing the Christ event and this person and work of Christ on the cross is a central theme in the book. The book describes Christ as Greater than the Prophets and Angles and moves on to describe him greater than Joshua and Moses. It then states him superior to the Aaronic Priesthood and declares Christ's New Covenant greater than the Old and the last few chapters are then dedicated to stating Christ greater than the law (


The author of the book suggests Christ's superiority to all other previous Prophets mentioned in the Old Testament, priests and kings. The basic proclamation in the book is Jesus's superiority as God's son over the angels and the Moses and superiority of Jesus's priesthood. Two major points state that Christ's superiority and high priesthood is the central argument of the epistle. Firstly, the author himself explicitly states that in 8:1 proclaiming that the main point is this that 'we have such a high priest' who has a seat that is at the right of the throne of God in the heavens. Secondly, we can see the development of this theme throughout the book, the different ways in which this point is asserted makes it the theme a central one.

The themes found in the book include the supremacy of Jesus Christ, the Son of God. He is then stated to be superior to the angels, priests, and Old Testament leaders. The work and person of Christ at the cross and by rising of the dead, Jesus sacrificed for the salvation of Christians and he guarantees eternal life. It is also further stated that Jesus is a mediator between God and humans and is the only representative before God who could redeem Christians. We also find the Book of Hebrews stating that accepting Jesus as our Savior makes our sin forgiven forever. Since we are humans and we are inclined to sin and ...