The Dead Christ With Angels Byédouard Manet

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The Dead Christ with Angels byÉdouard Manet

The Dead Christ with Angels


The object which is going be discussed in this research is a famous painting named the dead Christ with angles. The dead Christ with angels 1864 is a great work of a French painter of 19th century, Édouard Manet, who was born on January 1832 and died on April 1883. Although he did not show much interest towards academics and studies but turned out to be a great artist of all times. He was a prominent figure in the ancient times from Realism to Impressionism. He is considered as one of the great initiator of Modernism. In his painting he has given true colors to the holy personality of Jesus Christ. This painting at the Metropolitan Museum of Art marks the genesis of modern art. His painting presents a sad spectacle of Jesus. There is a religious theme in a painting which was admired by all the people at that time. This painting was presented by Manet in 1864 which has a religious theme. It makes us remember about the innocent Jesus who was hanged for no reason. The inscription of the painting by Manet indicates his source but the passage which has been mentioned portray tomb of the Christ empty except two angel when found by Mary Magdalene. Soon Manet realized his mistake and was instructed by critics to correct it before it goes in the exhibition. Manet did not care about it and believed that it is not something on which people will laugh at. It is a holy and sacred object which should not be treated with ridicule.



Looking at the famous painting of Manet, I observe that the artist has done a marvelous piece of work at the time. The first glimpse of the painting took me into the flash back and reminded me about that event of Jesus. There was innocence in the face of the Jesus who after dying was looking satisfied and complacent. On the other hand, the wounds showed the height of barbarity in that period. It gave me a hope and courage to remain steady and firm for your objectives and aims in life. One should never give up if he is following a right path. Even he faces threat to his life. The painting depicts true heroism of the past times in an artistic manner. Manet, through his painting, has given us an idea that Jesus will live forever with angel around him. The painting has a spiritual effect. Anyone who will have a look at the work of Manet will be mesmerized by the creativity of the painter.

Visual analysis

The analysis of the painting tells us how life will be after the death. The people who do good things in life there is a reward for them in the life hereafter. The Jesus Christ lying with his wounds and the two angles surrounding him shows that he was a holy man. Both the angles are not happy to see the ...