The Death Of A Salesman

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The Death of a Salesman

The Death of a Salesman


The story Death of Salesmen was written by Arthur Mills and revolves around the life of a salesman, Willy and his family. He spends most of his time at his work, travelling to different places which were a part of a job but till the end of the story was unable to realize his dream of a successful life and career. He wanted his sons especially the older one Biff to do something special and extra out of his high school athletic activity and scholarship to UVA but he also disappoints him when he fails in his math class and was unable to pursue his education and athletic career. The salesman, Willy was of the firm belief that it is actually the personality of the person that can make his excel in the practical world (Grade Saver, 2012).


Though the story and the title of the story is about the salesman who was Willy in this case and was apparently the main character of the story but if we analyze different parts of the story where it becomes interesting and takes twists and turns in terms of story line and development of the plot. His character is the only one with a strong personality traits and characteristics that had the power to catch the attention of the reader. I personally going through the entire story only tend to remember Biff due to strong points that were to a large extent negative in the story but had reasons for it. His role in the story easily qualifies for the role of a hero due to his nature of character and persona in the story which was based and his acts of intelligence in the form of his successful career in the high school. He ...
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