The Diary Of Anne Frank

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The Diary of Anne Frank

The Diary of Anne Frank


It was a catastrophic period for the Jews from 30th of January, 1933 till the 8th of May; the period known as the Holocaust, the meaning of which is “sacrifice by fire”. The Holocaust brought about the Nazis to persecute and murder more than 5,860,000 Jews. During this era, the Jews only, were not being murdered, rather the Serbs, homosexuals, polish intelligentsia, gypsies, resistance fighters from all nations, beggars German opponents of Nazism, habitual criminals, and Jehovah's witnesses were also being killed by the Nazis. Majority of them were imprisoned and later subjected to death campsite, called “concentration campsite”.

All through the period of Holocaust, the Jewish females were subjected to several ways of torture like; rape, illegitimate pregnancy, the killing of their newborns, separation from their children, abortion, and childbirth. 50% of the Jewish populace that was being killed and deported by the Nazis comprised of the Jewish women, for the reason that women are the ones increasing the Jewish population. However, men and children were also not executed in a less horrific manner. All through the agonized period of Holocaust, murder and torture continued to happen in the concentration campsites. There were many Jews, who succeeded to escape to a hiding place and survived; one such family is that of a young girl called Anne Frank, who was able to move to a hiding place before they were detained. The parents resolute that Germany was not at all a secure place and hence they escaped to Netherlands and coped to look for a small secret room in the annex of the business building of Anne's father.


Anne Frank was born the 12th day of June in the year 1929 in Frankfurt, Germany to father Otto and mother Edith Frank. Anne had just one sibling and that was her sister Margot who was three years elder to her. Father Otto worked in a bank of his family, while mother was merely a house wife. Anne and Margot were cheery little girls and they had several pals in their locality. Nevertheless, their parents were not free from worries. Adolf Hitler and his Nazi party had held the Jews responsible for all the very economic and social problems of Germany and throughout the country, anti-Semitism was prevailing.

Adolf Hitler became a part of the Nazi party in the year 1920 and after some time he became the leader of the same and readily appointed new members by employing his excellence in convincing people. Hitler opposed all the Jews and communists and hence he supported the decline of the Weimar republic. Hitler had a great abhorrence against the Jews and according to him, they were not humankind. Hitler was of the opinion that all the negative happenings in Germany were because of the Jews for they were not good enough. He wished to purify the race of blue eyed people with blonde hair, or to be precise the ones who are completely opposite contrary to the ...
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