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Degree in Hospitality Management is an educational degree that is given to learners who have completed their college, higher education or business-level program with majors in Hospitality Management. Degree is needed to successfully function in the sphere of Hospitality and Tourism Industry. There are some entry level steps that need not anything more than a high school certificate or the licensed qualification. Alternatively, a degree can provide learners an edge and may be supportive in getting more superior posts. This paper will consider three best universities in Singapore that offers Degree in Hospitality and kind of the Market Structure that is prevailing there.


Murdoch University

As one of Australia's top ranked institutions, Murdoch University is an advanced, strong and contemporary institute with a worldwide repute for excellence in teaching quality, study and learner contentment. Murdoch University is positioned in the Globe's Top 2% of Higher Education Institutes and positioned in the World's Top 100 Novel Institutes (Times Higher Education Top 100 under 50 ranks for 2013). It was also one of just two Western Australia Institutes to make it into the Times Higher Educational World Institutes Ranks 2012/2013.

Murdoch University is rated as one of A-Star Learner's Option of Institutes for apprentice learning and the only institution of higher education in WA to be rewarded the top five stars ranking for supporting post graduate learners by the Commission of Australian Post-graduate Associations. The Institution's standing as a top-notch study academia was long-established by 2012 Excellence in Research for Australia with 85 percent of study ranked as globe standard or more than. As a high-status, progressive institution of higher education with a global standing and riches of knowledge, Murdoch is certainly learner's option for a superlative degree in Hospitality.

Management professions in Hospitality and Travel Industry can take learners to discover new things in the world - and the good information is - one gets remunerated to be there. Murdoch University guides learners all the way in the course of up to date tourist and hospitality organization premise and rehearsal together with trip organization, plan and scheduling, administration and dealing. The University offers courses that also stress powerfully on sustainable hospitality industry, together with integrating data analysis tools employed comprehensively all over the market to facilitate forecasted regions areas of development and underdevelopment (

Glion Institution of Higher Education

Developed in 1962, Glion Institution of Higher Education, a private academia in Switzerland, is a worldwide institute in global hospitality learning, and has been rated amongst the Top 3 Hospitality Administration Institutes in the globe for a worldwide profession.

Glion Institution of Higher Education offer a certified online MBA in Global Hospitality and Service Industries Management degree programme which is accessible to learners in Singapore, worldwide learners and working experts all over the world. Additionally, Glion Institution of Higher Education offer professional Post-Graduate qualification and credential programmes in global Hospitality. The language of tutoring is English, and the programmes are educated completely by means of the ...
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