The Effects Of Breakaway School Districts In East Baton Rouge Parish After The Davis Vs. East Baton Rouge Parish School Board Court Decision

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The Effects of Breakaway School Districts In East Baton Rouge Parish After The Davis vs. East Baton Rouge Parish School Board Court Decision



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Research Questions4

Significance of the Study4

Scope of the Study4

Structure of the Dissertation5


Inequalities in education8

Issues of race in education12

Review of school desegregation in America16

Background on schools in the East Baton Rouge Parish19

The Brown ruling and its effects24

The EBRPSS performance: separate and unequal28

The Baton Rouge desegregation case30


Overview of qualitative and quantitative research approaches33

Research methods35

Attributes of qualitative research35

Advantages of qualitative research methods36

Research design37

Secondary research38

Benefits of secondary research methods39

Justification for the research study40

Research philosophy40

Literature search41

Data analysis method42

Qualitative data analysis42



Ethical considerations45


Effect of Discrimination in Schooling on Children47

Effect of Independent District on Education49

Influence on Local and National educational Policy for Blacks51

Reduction in Social Cohesion of Whites against Blacks51

Control System for Education54

Influence on the Aims of Education58

Effects on Higher Education59

Effect on Primary and Secondary Education61

Effects on Extracurricular Activities at Schools62

Effects on the Requirements of Education63

Continuity of Adult Learning64


End notes69


Background of the Research

Education is essential for everyone in our society. The respect and recognition an individual earn is through the education level he acquires that help an individual earn his aspired status. It is important that every single person of the society is provided with effective learning and education opportunities to prosper in the society. It is through the availability of knowledge that people of the society can gain knowledge and enlarge their prospective about the world. Education systems are different state to state and country to country. However, every education system aims to provide adequate educational knowledge and assistance to every child to develop the individual, improve the standard of their live and empower them with individuality and power to face the inhabitant challenges of life. The development of a country is dependent on the advance education system that prevails in the country. Government takes special measure to balance the availability of learning and education reforms for everyone in the society because without education life would be detrimental and disastrous.

Like other education systems the East Baton Rouge Parish School System (EBRSS) serves a greater number of students in the area of greater Baton Rouge. In the state, it is the third largest ...