The Fight For Women's Health

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The Fight for Women's Health

The Fight for Women's Health

Date xy-xy-xyz

Department of Health and Social Care

Address XYZ

Subject: Addressing the issues on the subject of women's health, agriculture and food issues and women's rights

Dear Sir,

This letter is about the health, fitness and food security issues of the women. In rural areas, there are not so much resources for women and women are facing difficulties in getting food and other services. In rural areas the occupation of most of the people is agriculture and most of the people do not prefer jobs like in urban areas. The change in climate make the situation of agriculture worse and it is difficult for women to survive after climatic change. The crops and other food items are not able to use during climatic change because this change harm the production of crops and women face the problems of food. The department of health social care should take necessary actions to decreases the problem of women in rural areas.

In rural areas most of the population is not educated, and involves in gender discrimination. The production and utilization advantages of crops are not equally divided in the communities and these communities prefer men not women. The gender discrimination is prohibited in urban areas but this practice is continuing in rural areas, and because of lack of education women are not aware about their rights. Food is the fundamental right of the people of the country because it is necessary for life. The communities in rural areas do not provide attention on these issues of poverty and food crises, and this behavior of the society towards women make the situation worse.

Women are the mothers of future generation and to give birth to a child women have to pass from many stages. Food and other stuff are required during ...
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