The Great Gatsby

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The Great Gatsby

The Great Gatsby

Question 1

There are a number of important events in The Great Gatsby, but the foll0owuing three events are the most important events hat could be analyzed in an effective manner.

The first important event is the scenario when Gatsby met Daisy in Louisville for the first time. No serious intentions were entertained by Gatsby. Gatsby has never been in love with any woman, and he has only treated women as disposable sexual objects. Daisy was the first nice girl whom he met. In a moment in their relationship, Gatsby accepted that he loves Daisy and kissed her. He knew that his life would not be the same after this acceptance, and he pursued her until death (Shmoop, 2010).

The second important event in the novel is when Gatsby met Wolfsheim (Fitzgerald, 2012). At this time, he was just out of the army, owing nothing, penniless and hungry. At this time, Wolfsheim fed Gatsby and also offered him a job in his criminal enterprise. After accepting the offer of Wolfsheim, Gatsby entered the life of crime and also earned a lot of wealth through this job. Fortune pof Gatsby brough him back to the world of Daisy, which ultimately ended up in the death of Gatsby.

The third significant event is when George Wilson sets out to kill the man whom he believes erroneously ran over his wife and he stops at the Buchanan's estate crazy with grief. In addition to this, it is observed that nothing is done by Tom in order to misunderstanding of Wilson. As a result of this misunderstanding, Wilson finds Gatsby and shoots him to death and then kills himself as well.

Question 2

It is very significant that the view of the society have been presented in a very effective manner by the novelist in The Great Gatsby. A very important point to note is that the views of the readers change about the characters as the move ahead I reading the novel. There are various characters in this movie, but neither of them remains the same throughout the novel. The character of Nick changes with the passage of time. At the beginning of the novel, Nick is newcomer to the New York that is characterized by simplicity and innocence. With the passage of time, he involves himself to the lavish recklessness of his neighbors along with their entanglements that comprise their ...
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