The History Of Country Music

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The History of Country Music


This research paper is based on the history of Country Music. The country music or just country is a mixture of traditional music developed primarily in the Southeastern United States and the Canadian Maritimes that evolved rapidly in the 1920s. Different variations of the genre have also emerged in other places like the Australian country music. Country music is rhythmic, drawling, and emotional and moving. The country originates from the Celtic folk music and gospel Anglo-Saxon immigrants. This music helped largely contemporary popular music, including rock. The country music began as shared black and white music musicians. Some of the black singers of Country Music are Ray Charles, Charley Pride and Darius Rucker (Peterson, pp. 35).

The Country Music has evolved in stages combining its own kinds of other cultures from Europe or Africa, but it is also related to the geography of the country. Regarding the Country Dance, it is difficult to outline a story while visions, interpretations, opinions differ among countries, organizations and dancers themselves. For the American heartland, the Country Dance is primarily dance couple.

Origin of Country Music

In the early 30s, although the Great Depression had beaten the pockets of Americans, they were enjoying their stars on the radio and also brought film cowboys singers, who introduced abundant in their weekly Country Music adventures. Due to the absence of television, people could go every week to see their favorite heroes with the emergence of the first series or serial. Some of these idols were Gene Autry, Tex Ritter and Roy Rogers. The film popularized the sub style country called Western Music, which with smooth harmonies and rhythmic guitars, mimicked the riding of horses, with lyrics that narrated the lives of these heroes.

In the southern United States, there was a type of song called 'track event', which was an account of the stories of the moment. In the late nineteenth century, came what was called 'Traveler show' where people offered miracle drugs through a mix of comedy and music. The advent of radio in the early years of the twentieth century appeared something new called Radio that changed the nature of country music in the U.S. In the late 90's and early 2000 in country music there are some artists who retain the styles of the 1980's while others bring new creativity and change of styles in country music.

Country music is a popular style of music of the white population of the South and West of the USA. It appeared in the 1920'sbased on the folklore of English, Irish and Scottish immigrants under the influence of the Negro blues. The typical instruments of country music are guitar, mandolin and the Fiddle. It has many regional styles. Country music is a form of folk music of North America.

In the 1950-1960's, country music undergone minor but noticeable changes. During the 1990s, the artist Garth Brooks enjoyed one of the most successful careers in the history of country music, exploding record sales records. In the early 1990s, especially in ...