The Immigration Reform And Control Act (Irca)

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The Immigration Reform and Control Act (IRCA)

Immigration Reform and Control Act (IRCA)


The paper will determine the laws and regulations that have stated under the (IRCA). A brief description will be provided on the immigration policy issue that has been faced by the United States; the issue will be examined in detailed by conducting thorough analysis to highlight significant solutions to the problem. Laws that have been defined under IRCA were formed to assist employers in hiring, recruiting and discharging their employees. It tends to focus on preserving jobs for those who have been considered as legally entitled to them (IRCA of 1986). The united States have strived with dealing to effectively resolve the issue of unauthorized immigration and immigration reform. Thus after this struggle in the year 1986 IRCA was formed which was the first step taken for systematically addressing the problem of unauthorized immigration. Sanctions that were included in the bill were not in favor of employers for hiring of migrants that did not have proper documents, the law was emphasized on having more robust borders (American Immigration Council).

Formulation of IRCA also resulted in legalization of unauthorized population of the state. Although the purpose of the legislation that was formed was sound and had good concepts yet there were various issues that were associated for developing and implementing IRCA most prominent objectives. Major goals of IRCA were to have broader and stronger reinforcement that should prevail for preventing illegal entries from crossing the borders and entering the state and legalization of unauthorized migrants. IRCA highlighted reforms that a business should ensure to comply with (American Immigration Council).


In the past United States has made significant efforts to deal with the problem of unauthorized immigration and immigration reforms. IRCA provides considerable lessons for unauthorized migration highlights reforms to regularize migrants that are already in the state and further, stronger enforcement mechanism that would prevent new entries (Cooper & O'Neil 2005). IRCA was formulated to have laws for immigrants those enter the state; the legislation addressed the problem of unauthorized immigrants that are in the state and have robust enforcement mechanisms to prevent immigrants from entering the state. Restrictions were also placed on employers for hiring undocumented employees, they were held responsible for heightened worksite (IRCA of 1986).


Enforcement of IRCA and Rights of Employers and Workers

It is significant for employers to comply with the laws that have been identified under the Immigration Reforms and Control Act. Employers are obliged to ensure that the do not hire unauthorized workers (employer sanction). This was considered as the key to control unauthorized immigration in the future. However this placed significant responsibility on the employers to enforce immigration law which required them to serve as junior immigration inspectors. Laws that would prevent from hiring unauthorized employees were considered as the key to restrict unauthorized immigrants to enter the state. However this placed significant risk on employers as they have the responsibility for not hiring undocumented employees, consequently they also feared that they would ...
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