The Impact Of Childhood Sexual Abuse On Girls And Women Survivors

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The Impact of Childhood Sexual Abuse on Girls and Women Survivors



1.1.Background of the Research Study1

1.2.Research Aim and Objectives2

1.3.Research Questions2

1.4.Significance of the Research Study3

1.5.Research Justification3

1.6.Scope of the Research Study4

1.7.Structure of the Dissertation4


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Recovering from child sexual abuse10

Overcoming Trauma12


3.1. Research Design14

3.2. Research Philosophy14

1.3. Research Approach15

3.4. Data Collection Technique15

3.4.1. Secondary Data15

3.4.2. Attributes of Secondary Data16

3.5. Data Analysis Technique16

3.6. Research Selection Criteria17

3.6.1. Exclusive and Inclusive Criteria17

3.7. Validity of the Research17

3.8. Reliability of the Research18

3.9. Research Ethics19

3.10. Limitations of the Study19

3.11. Time Horizon of the Research Study20






Background of the Research Study

In our communities childhood sexual abuse (CSA) continues to occur across languages and boundaries at an alarming rate. A broad range of sexual activities are covered in child sexual abuse (CSA) perpetrated against children by someone trusted and known by the child. Arata (2002) reflected that on the longer term, the impact of child sexual abuse indicate there are wide range of mental, physical negative health consequences in adulthood, adolescence and even in childhood (p.151). However, every victim experience different set of problems and difficulties depending upon the type, intensity of abuse and its after affects. However, strong peer relationships and family support appear to be important for such victims in buffering the impact of childhood sexual abuse. Both male and female victims are impacted by this aspect of abuse in different ways. Hence, to the times of the ancient Romans and Greek child sexual abuse (CSA) is a societal problem. Bendall, Jackson, Hulbert & McGorry (2011) indicated from the wealthiest to the poorest it is found in all levels of the society and the long-term and short term impacts it has on the lives of the victims is devastating (p.57). The ultimate accountability rests on the shoulder of the sexual offenders despite the several reasons for the occurrence of child sexual abuse. The nature of sexual victimization varies from violent physical force to verbal suggestions. In all cases irrespective of the type and intensity of sexual abuse the child being victimized is being subjected with the adult being the weaker partner in a state never able to defend themselves (Canton-Cortes and Canton, 2010, p.501). In recognition of childhood sexual abuse on girls and women survivors and its devastating impact, the study conducted in this research attempts to understand the connotation.

Research Aim and Objectives

For this study the research is aimed at identifying the impact of childhood sexual abuse on girls and women survivors. Thus, in order to achieve the above aim the objectives of this research are:

To discover the occurrence of childhood sexual abuse on girls and women survivors

To explore the factors that cause childhood sexual abuse on girls and women survivors

To determine the impact of childhood sexual abuse on girls and women survivors

To ascertain how the impact of childhood sexual abuse on girls and women survivors can be minimized and thus eradicated

Research Questions

The purpose of this research is to explore the impact ...