The Impact Of Culture On Diplomatic Practice; Saudi Arabia , A Case Study

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The Impact of Culture on Diplomatic Practice; Saudi Arabia , a case study


Title: The Impact of Culture on Diplomatic Practice; Saudi Arabia , a case study that will include four chapters 1- Introduction, 2- Culture as instrument of Public Diplomacy, 3- Saudi Culture Diplomacy, opportunities and challenges, 4- Conclusion.

Significance of the Study: this study is of increased importance in studying the relationship Saudi Arabia has with different countries whether it has international, national or local interests. This also includes the different activities followed through the cultural programs and policies because all these regions have different activities. Cultural diplomacy is currently growing day by day because of the globalization and the national interests. This can be observed as the larger framework that involves a number of areas where the government is also involved side by side. This also demonstrates that holding the cultural strength is regarding the constitution or transforming the identification of the current actors. For this particular study the Saudi cultural diplomatic practices taking places for maintaining the relationship with other countries. Where the second chapter covers the ways Saudi Arabia deals with the cultural issues keeping in mind the different institutions like United Kingdom, China, Austria and Germany. This is also observed to be good policy for spreading the cultural diversity within various regions.

Methodology: the particular methodology that will be used here will be the usage of primary sources including the secondary sources with the help of qualitative interview that will help in getting to know about the individuals working for creating the cultural diplomacy that could be possibly creating a negative or positive image for the country.CHAPTER 1: INTRODUCTION

Relevance to the diplomatic studies

In this particular study since it is regarding the Saudi Culture Diplomacy his will be reflecting the advancements of the cultural diplomacy due to the significant cultures that are being carried out in Saudi Arabia that shapes up the culture of this region this could be either establishing a positive or negative image within the different countries that are being studied in this study. This is relevant with the exhibition that took place at British Museum which had been drawing around eighty thousand visitors from the time it opened later in the month of January which is one of the outstanding achievements. Particularly because it's glitz free depending especially over the academic substance relatively then the son et lumiere advancement, like the number of museums presently are depending upon. This shows the involvement of Saudi culture within the different regions, because Hajj represents the Saudi culture.

Research problems

There are numerous problems that is capable of taking place while conducting the study since there is not enough topics that is covering the Saudi cultural diplomacy which is capable of limiting the research that also shows that more work needs to be done for understanding this area including the involvement of the Saudi's in the various cultures of and the way they interact whether it might at the level of government, also reflecting their ties ...