The Impact Of Drug Smuggling As An Organised Crime And Its Effects On A Country's Economic, Social, And Political Situation: A Case Study Of Uk And Mexico

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The Impact of Drug Smuggling as an Organised Crime and Its Effects on a Country's Economic, Social, and Political Situation: A Case Study of UK and Mexico



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This research study is an attempt to study the impact of drug smuggling as an organised crime and its effects on the economic, social and political situation of Mexico and United Kingdom. Transnational drug smuggling involves the movement of illegal commodities across borders. In most cases, willing sellers and buyers collaborate to successfully achieve their goal. In the last twenty-five years, researchers demonstrated that drug trade networks share a lot in common with legal markets. A definition of market based offenses that are useful to understand transnational drug smuggling. This research study adopted a secondary methodology. Secondary research provides the summary of the already existing data. The sources of secondary research that has been used for this research study includes previous researches, magazines, newspapers and content from the journals. Secondary research plays an important role in the initial stages of compiling a dissertation and for determining what is already known about a specified topic and what new aspects are to be explored. It is observed that where there are strong political institutions, the drug traffickers appear to trouble but they do not have a strong influence on the national life. One could define the drug economy as the illegal production of goods. Because of its illegal nature, this market operating rules of its own. Indeed, this market is characterized by a high turnover of capital and profit margins very important. The existence of such profits tends to attract new market entrants. However, the high risks that exist hindering many suitors, putting people already on the circuit in a state pension.






1.1. Background of the Study1

1.2. Aims and Objectives2

1.3. Research Questions3

1.4. Significance of the Study3

1.5. Layout of the Study3


2.1. Drug Smuggling5

2.2. Defining Organised crime6

2.3. Theories of Organised Crime7

2.4. Drug Trafficking as an Organised Crime10

2.5. Scope of Global Illegal Drug Production and Illicit Drug Consumption10

2.6. Social Problems Related to Drug Trafficking11

2.7. Supply to the UK12

2.5.1. Heroin Trafficking12

2.5.2. Cocaine Trafficking13

2.8. United Kingdom Distribution13

2.9. Drug Smuggling in Mexico13

2.10. Organised Crime Leaders in Mexico14

2.11. Consequences of Organised ...