The Impact Of Technology On Distance Learning

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The impact of technology on distance learning



The information technology has made it possible to access numerous set of information and communicate across the globe regardless of identity, social background, race, and location distances. Therefore technology has proved to be a means of liberalization for people that are physically and mentally challenged as well. The primary purpose of this study is to assess and analyze the impact of information technology on the distance communication among children. This research may prove to be effective and useful for teachers, researchers, software and hardware designers and engineers. The significance of this topic can be estimated from the fame and utilization of Internet and cyberspace as means of education, communication and innovation in every aspect of life.

The literature from two research articles has been reviewed to assess and analyze the aforementioned subject that reveals various aspects of information technology in the real life communication networks and structures. In this regard, researcher has used a questionnaire survey as a tool for research design that is comprised of six sections. The data for this research has been collected from 10 children of age from 10 to 18 years studying in school and colleges. The research has showed positive results in favor of thesis statement that children perceive Internet and online resources as a useful tool in communicating and collecting useful information for study and other purposes that completes their daily life routine. There is a minimum probability of biasness in this research design whereas, it can be concluded that 97% of result is accurate.

This study relates to everyone's personal views with respect to impact of technology and advance communication tools on the daily life of children, adults and elders. No one in this world can deny from the advantages of Internet and its positive and enhanced effects on the process of globalization and convenience. I consider Internet or online social communication tools as very important vehicles in driving the world closer to each other despite of physical distances.


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The impact of technology on distance learning


We know that cyberspace has become the future of human life. Like the industrial revolution changed the western culture and structure similarly information technology and communication technology has revolutionized the social life, culture, trends, economy, political conditions and traditional norms from twenty first century. The main purpose of this technology is to fasten the process of communication, gain control over it, speed up the process, and obtain maximum knowledge. These attributes shall lead to development and growth of personality, transform work, and produce value. The western world has been rigorously investing in information technology as compare to manufacturing. And is excessively becoming the source of employment and growing sector in the economy. As per statistics, 60 percent of jobs in USA has requirement of possessing technical skills and qualification. Therefore, it can be said that every economy wants to gain competitive advantage in terms of knowledge and this factor has been becoming very important like other factors ...
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