The Investigation On The Hardware And The Software Requirements For The Success Of An Isp In Africa

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[The Investigation on the Hardware and the Software Requirements for the Success of an ISP in Africa]



This study investigates the hardware and software equipments required by an ISP. Although internet has been spread all over the world with all businesses readily converting their activities, but still there are some areas of the world where internet technology is still an unknown thing. For the purpose of this study, we have selected Nigeria which have realized this technology very late. In this study I investigate the features of the Internet considering some ethical issues, and assessing the feasibility of the implementation of the Internet technology in the specified region that is Nigeria in West Africa.

We conducted a telephone interview with management of Plusnet an ISP service in Nigeria, Africa and they gave some insight on several software and hardware requirements and even a brief analysis on the topology, environmental state and political/governmental status of the specified region, also discussing some various threats that could surface. The information gotten attributed to the completion of the project.

Furthermore the paper would reflect on the research into future technology that could assist and ascertain efficient and an updated system. After the completion of this investigation, I am optimistic on the realisation of this project in Nigeria, specifically in Abuja, which is the federal capital of Nigeria.


Firstly, I would like to thank my dissertation supervisor Steve Brierly for his help and guidance during the course of my dissertation and also contacting several Internet service providers and arranging meetings for me even in unfortunate occasions whereby I could not make due to some health issues. Am grateful to Kaz Isaac Collin for recommending Matt Anderson an ISP, who shared some insight on ISP technologies and recommended useful websites. I would also like to thank my friends and family for supporting and believing in my abilities. Finally, I would like to thank my parents for their support through my dissertation despite my swerving health.

The Investigation on the Hardware and the Software Requirements for the Success of an ISP in Africa

1. Introduction

The Internet first appeared in early 1969 under the title Arpanet significance Advanced Research Projects Agency, and then subsequent it was altered to DARPA as a part of the United States department of defense. This expertise was as a outcome of futurist considering where by persons glimpsed a large worth in the buying into permitting computers to interconnect and share information/data and study on many technical areas and infantry fields. (

Since 1960's the Internet expertise over the years has a developed at a very very fast rate commercializing and increasing to distinct regions. The development of the Internet broadband has paralleled the evolution of computer networking. The internet is a repository of all kinds of data, it is a international mesh that assists as a connection and connector for millions of computers, and it connects and connections diverse computers worldwide to exchange information/data, report and opinions. (

The expertise has therefore been mentioned to as producing the world a international town ...
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