The Roads Must Roll

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The Roads Must Roll

Robert Heinlein “The Roads Must Roll”

American civilization was built, around the road, such that it makes sense to imagine that the road itself can be the means of transport. When a company becomes too dependent on technology, it has to take for granted and forget the men who make it: this is the central theme of the entire work “The Roads Must Roll”. It reflects the best interests by Heinlein for physical and social sciences, and the delightfully absurd vision of the giant rotors gives it a little, before the time stamp came.

In Robert Heinlein' short story The Roads Must Roll, he uses symbolism and imagery to give commentary on the contradictions the church of the 1930's (and today's church) have in their theology. Hughes uses The Roads Must Roll to point out the hypocrisy churches have between what they preach and what they practice. Most Christians believe that Jesus Christ has taught them to love everyone “even the lepers and the tax collectors” and help “the least of these” people. However, many of those same people do not welcome those around them who are different, such as Sargeant, a homeless black man, in the short story not being accepted by the white church.

It could be said that Sargeant is looking for more than just warmth, food, and sleep when he knocks on the door of the parsonage and then the doors of the church; he is also looking for religion. This continues when Sargeant is holding onto the pillar of the church, he isn't just holding on to his change at a warm place to sleep, he is holding on to what is left of his faith. Christian faith would say that the people should let him in and care for him because he is tired and sick and poor. However, instead, they knock him out so he has a hallucination and put him in jail. During his hallucination, Jesus tells Sargeant that the Christians had been left him nailed to a cross for 2000 years, which symbolizes that Christians left him crucified and ignored his teachings even as they claimed to believe in him. The Roads Must Roll shows that the teachings of the church have lost the meanings Jesus intended.

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Through the use of mood, Robert Heinlein manages to convey the foreboding feeling of repression in his short story “The Roads Must Roll”. When describing the frigid weather at the beginning of the story, we are presented with a dreary and cold world where the Sargeant is an obvious outcast in the South during a time when African American ...