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The Service Provision Needs and the Remit of the NHS on Smoking Encompassing On Medical, Social and Public Healthcare Issues

The Service Provision Needs And The Remit Of The NHS On Smoking Encompassing On Medical, Social And Public Healthcare Issues



Usage of tobacco for smoking is not merely a habit, but it has turned into a proper drug addiction, which is almost in par with other hard drugs (Fagerstorm et. al, 1996, pp.52). All around the world the curse of smoking is glimmering and people have started to smoke excessively. Whatever argument they give in favour of smoking, but the fact can never be denied that smoking is not only threat to the person who is doing it but to the society in which he is living. In a research conducted in United Kingdom, around 82000 men and women died of smoking (Kotz, West, 2009, pp. 151-154). Since the year 2012, the rate has increased considerably and is again rising. In comparison to that, the number of smokers quitting this ugly habit is declining.

History of Smoking has long been associated with Americans; however, it has been prevailing in the society since ages. The earliest evidence suggests that smoking stems from shamanistic rituals back in 5000 B.C (Gately, Iain, 2003, pp. 2-6). In addition to that, various civilizations had been into the smoking of either tobacco or cannabis since a long time, but it was not commercial and was confined to special occasions or rituals only. It became commercial in the 16th century with the arrivals of Europeans in America and since then is a part of every society. Ever since that time the number of people who fall prey to this addiction is increasing. Currently, even younger children aging around 12-15 are becoming attracted to this ugly habit causing a risk to their life.


Smoking is not an individual issue, but the issue of the society as a whole. It affects numerous aspects of a growing society and cause problems of different genre for everyone. The issue is not only smoking, but also the reasons as to why youngsters start smoking and why smokers feel difficult to quit their habit of smoking. Moreover, another important issue is that why the programs that are launched for smoking cessation are ineffective in creating awareness among new and habitual smokers (Brown, Kemp, 2005, pp. 45). Many people find it difficult to get rid of their habit of smoking due to numerous reasons, out of them the most common is that they are not aware of the dangers associated with smoking.

If state authorities try to take some measures they are unable to launch a campaign effectively, that is because they cannot stop anyone from smoking inside his house or car. In many cases, authorities have tried to impose a ban on smoking on various places, but still threats of smoking and its side effects are prevailing in the society.


Smoking and use of tobacco in any form is a cause for many ...
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