The Significance Of Religion And Its Representations In Nabucco, Cavalleria Rusticana, Tosca And Madame Butterfly

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The significance of Religion and its representations in Nabucco, Cavalleria Rusticana, Tosca and Madame Butterfly

Religion and Its Representations


Nabucco was the youth who decided to hit the long and brilliant career of Verdi's operatic and popular and loved him in Italy. Despite the undeniable musical values ??of the score, which continues the tradition of the romantic opera of the time and drown much of the personal pain experienced at the time by its author, undoubtedly contributed to this success the patriotic feelings of the Italian people oppressed by the Austrian Empire, which was identified in the biblical story of Israel oppressed by Babylon. Because Nabucco opera was not only a biblical theme or the aforementioned political drama-loving protagonists-human conflict well-defined, but a cool coral static, with the Jewish people at large who has attained the highest stage of efficiency and lyricism. An obvious example is the aforementioned third act chorus “Va 'pensiero sull'ali dorate” that Jews condemned to forced labor prisoners sing to the river Euphrates longing for their homeland, musical number that had to be repeated the first night of its premiere (Parker, 2007).

To understand its meaning in moments of Italian history, the words take on their full validity Japoco reported by Caponi, biographer of Verdi, who notes that “Verdi began to instigate the patriotic action with his music. Foreigners can never understand the influence for a time brought the fiery melodies Verdi conceived when situations or even isolated verses, evoking the miserable condition in which it was the Italian people, their memories, their hopes. “ This trial can be completed with the composer Luigi Dallapiccola, who on the same subject says that “the phenomenon is inconceivable without linking Verdi to? Risorgimento 'Italian. Never mind that Verdi has played an important role in it or not. What matters is that absorbed the atmosphere and tone, and made, both in words and music, a style through which the Italian people found the key to its dramatic situation and vibrated with her” (Budden, 1973).

“Va 'pensiero” almost a national anthem, became the rallying cry for the Italian resistance to Austrian occupation. The Italian people longed for the coronation of Victor Emmanuel as king of united Italy. And even the same name Verdi became a symbol of the patriotic cause, as indicated in its acronym acronym “Vittorio Emanuele Re D'Italia”, circumventing censorship of the dreaded Austrian police (Parker, 2007).

Over half a century later, on January 27, 1901, Giuseppe Verdi died, the greatest opera singer in history, and hundreds of thousands of people accompanied his remains spontaneously singing “Va 'pensiero”.

Cavalleria Rusticana

Cavalleria rusticana Turiddu Macca is the story of a Sicilian peasant, the son of GNA 'Nunzia. Before leaving for the military was engaged to Lola, during his absence, Lola is engaged to Alfio, a teamster rich: “that has four mules in the barn” and the mother of Turiddu instead was forced to sell their only mule (Lauri-Lucente, 2003).

Turiddu came home one day finally meets Lola who explains that he is about to marry Alfio, Turiddu, who at ...
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