The Truman Show

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The Truman Show


The Truman Show can be seen on several levels. A topic as trivial appearance will be presented in different registers may be suspected from the time when director Peter Weir appears in history. As if it were a building, one can stay on the first floor and watch a movie on a TV show in which everything is cheating with a set of extras that trick the protagonist. Thus obtained at this level, and the film manages to exceed the minimum.


To move to the second level you have to make some changes in the story elements to win main volume. It is to become a Truman and watch the movie with the suspicion that the same thing happens to him in his Sea heaven we may be happening to us. There are many points in common with that Truman: the desires to explore new places, leaving the life we ??lead, know what is above us. And, like Truman, we also found a number of arguments that invite us to remain silent and accept what we have. In your case have a negative air force black humor that smile before the smile disappears the brutal background that is in them: the teacher's explanation in class disappoint intended to tell you everything is already discovered or posters the travel agency traversed by rays which warns that "It may shock you" aircraft. Truman sees all that and not questions the contradictions.

The prophecies are raised by these films, as well as a basis for joint romantic and grand arguments, the translation of some psychopathology imperious progress towards digital phenomenon and the information technology and telecommunications. Many questions suggest consciously or unconsciously such films. Does progress is regression? The man dominates or is dominated? Is reality real? Are the instruments instrumentalized us? The Truman Show, a film by director Peter Weir 1998, raises some with an argument that essentially shows a society where the media, particularly television, have reached their highest levels of control over humans (Gold & Gold, pp. 455-72). The script puts on a television program with the idiosyncrasies of a large-scale reality that features a Truman -name playing with irony True Man-a 29-year-old whose life has been televised since birth. A large television set recreating a town called Seaheaven in which more than 5,000 cameras monitor every movement and emotion of the main character. All the people who interact with Truman ...