The Upgrade Of The Athlete's Shack: A World Class Company

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The Upgrade of the Athlete's Shack: A World Class Company


Executive Summary1

Assessment for the Need of Wireless Technology1

Considerations for Deploying WLAN Solution4

Survey of Site6


Hotspot Guidelines for WLAN8

Implementing WLAN technology9

Executive Summary

The Athlete's Shack (TAS) is a chain of sporting goods stores. Because TAS has grown in popularity, it now has 10 stores in the area. TAS is considering implementing a wireless technology that will link all of its stores through wireless broadband service, installing WLANs in each store, and providing its employees with iPads for better customer service. TAS is unsure how to start this process. In this paper we have provided them with the solution, we have firstly analyzed in this paper the need of implementing a wireless solution, we have described various areas of the store functioning that needs the implementation of the new WLAN technology. Furthermore within this paper we have presented wireless solution architecture and have covered several factors that will be needed to take into consideration while the implementation of the technology. These factors include the considerations for deploying the WLAN solution, need of survey of the site where the new WLAN solution will be deployed, security that will surely be provided to the WLAN technology and the factors that will be needed to considered related to the WLAN's security.

Assessment for the Need of Wireless Technology

Our considered company Athlete Shack should move for WLAN technology adaptation. This will benefit the company including the mobility and flexibility of its employees. There is a need fro this company to implement WLAN technology throughout the offices and stores of the company. The wireless technology implementation in the company will encompass both the existing and new facilities (Bing, 2002). The main purpose of this implementation will be to provide the employees with immediate access to the information about the stores when they will move for multiple environments of work.

The company can make use of Cisco Aironet WLAN technology. According to the estimation the compliant IEEE 802.11 will provide the company with the better bandwidth in order to manage applications that will be supported by the system. At present, the company has not any major plan that lists the applications of the wireless technology. However, the company must take into consideration the implementation of the wireless technology in order to manage inventory and also for the purpose of remotely controlling their 10 stores.

The company must benefit by deploying WLAN technology. The benefits that the company can gain by the deployment of WLAN technology will include the increased productivity and enhanced morale. The implementation of the wireless technology will extend the intranet of the company that will store the employees and managers on the floor of sales in all their stores.

As the company is large size retailer, the company can make use of mobile devices in order to automate their process of supply chain. The store management can make use of scanners that are handheld for the purpose of receiving inventory in the store, validating pricing of shelf-label, performing markdowns ...