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Theory into Practice

Theory into Practice

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Class room management is one of the key aspects of education and entails various interrelated concepts. This essay aims to cascade light on one of the integrated aspects of class room management that is discipline and misbehaviour of the students in the class room. The problem is that disciplinary issues in the class room are significant owing to the negative impact they have on the learning of the students. Despite of the fact that misbehaviour of students has negative impacts, but the teacher's strategies in reaction to such behaviour proves to be ineffective. The issue is how to resolve this dilemma of discipline in the class room while preventing the use of counterproductive strategies.

The essay uses various researches and studies carried out regarding the misbehaviour of children in the class room and the techniques used by the teachers to counter such behaviour. The researches and studies used entail the point of view of both the sides that is the students and the teachers to avoid any biased view or solution regarding the problem of discipline which forms the basis of this essay. The essay considers the reasons of misbehaviour and disciplinary issues and the impact of various techniques used by teachers to solve this dilemma of discipline in the class room. The essay aims to provide that dilemma of discipline in class room is a critical factor in the class management; however use of appropriate strategies and techniques by the teachers and schools can essentially contribute towards improving the behaviour of the students in the class room.

The main purpose of the Teacher in the class is to make a person learn. Learn the different art of living. This art of living for a child or adult is education, personal grooming and the way to communicate. These are very essential features on which the success of the person depends. These things person don't bring in hereditary but are taught by the mentor, teacher or any person. Thus learning these things and skills can be very hard during various times. This occurs due to various reasons like lack of motivation, communication or discipline in the class. The things like motivation, communication and discipline in class are extremely important for the teacher as well as the student. This is because if there is no discipline, communication or motivation in the class, than the teacher won't be able to deliver the lecture or the required skills and the student won't be able to grasp the real thing. In the other case, if there is absence of the above three things than the perfect lecture imparted by the teacher would be wasted. Since the student lack the motivation to grasp the lecture, they lack the communication skills to clear there misconception or they are not discipline. Thus in both the cases the real loss is for the student, since the life of student depends on the classroom.

Teachers and students have a unique ...