Therapeutic Method

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Therapeutic Method

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John is a veteran who has participated in the global war on terror and has been serving in the military for the last 15 years. After the war, he visited clinic with the intention to receive treatment for the PTSD symptoms. Recently, has been involved in heavy drugs consumption and took his existence and life to be of no meaning. During the war period, John had to face extreme fear and according to him, he could not even shot a man without his hands shaking and body shivering.

John's fears overcame him and then something happened that made him expose to the PTSD symptoms. During the war, he saw a small child wearing and blast jacket, blowing up and tearing apart into pieces then, similar thing happened in another incident, when he witnessed enemy approaching towards one of their units. He blasted the unit, with his body pieces flying in the air and his unit, where his best friends stayed, tearing all apart. The scenario of seeing flesh and bones everywhere made him fall sick and depressed all over.

John identified the symptoms of PTSD when he got back home for a brief time period after the war. He fell into depression and could not stop thinking of all the war scenes. He started feeling detached and cared less for the surroundings and avoided social life. This was teh time when he went to clinic to get checked up for the treatment and found that he had PTSD. This disorder has become very common in the US military. The Iraq and Afghan vets get it more too, but the veterans in US military also undergo such disoredrs and treatments since they are involved the wars against terror for a long time.

The symptoms of PTSD became more obvious when John got home and feel victim to isolation. He stayed in one room, did not talk to others and seemed like forgetting everything. After his visits to clinic, John was convinced to start up with some coping strategies to make him bring back to his normal life. There are various other veterans like John, who are subjects of PTSD due to such tragic incidents.

The posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) pertains to an extreme form of anxiety disorder which can occur in individual after being exposed to any event or incident that had resulted in the psychological trauma (Satcher, et al., 1999). This event may include the threat of death to someone else or oneself, or someone else's or one's own sexual, physical, or psychological integrity, while overwhelming the abilities of the individual to cope with it at the same time (American Psychiatric Association, 1994) PTSD is not much usual as an impact of the psychological trauma, and is more lasting and permanent than other frequently observed post traumatic stress. Symptoms of PTSD include re-experience or relapse of the original trauma(s) through nightmares or flashbacks, avoiding of forces linked to the trauma, and an enhanced feeling of arousal, which may ...
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