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Tort Laws

The product recall details

The product that has been recalled is the APC surge arrest surge protector.

The date of recall

The product was recalled in the month of October 2013.

The reason for the recall

The product was recalled due to the hazard of smoking, melting and overheating resulting in the fire hazard. The quantity of the product returned was about 15000 units, and therefore, the units were return due to the probability of catching the fire.

About the product

The recall involves APC series 7, as well as, series 8. These protectors were manufactured in the year 2003. The serial number and the model are denoted at the bottom of these products. They were manufactured in China and Philippines.


The firm received almost 700 complaints that comprised of over-healting, melting and smoke; whereas, the firm received 55 complaints that reported property damage due to the fire exposure from the product. The firm immediately recalled the product, and provided people with a toll free number to register complaints, as well as, replace the product in case of reported damages.

The liability of the manufactures

In case of product laws, the laws for consumer play the most fundamental role. In case of reported damages by the product, the manufacturer would have been liable to the consumer. There are several reasons to it in the eyes of law; they are discussed as under;

`The right of consumer to the exchange of the benefit

The consumer has a right to acquire the benefit that is stated to him against his money, the premise deals with the notion that the consumer is exactly receiving what he has paid for. In case of the protectors, the consumer was not expecting a surge protector that would be exposed to fire, as well as, undergo heating and melting. Therefore, the manufacturer would be responsible.

The right to claim

Another premise that addresses the law, with regard to, the return of the good purchased, since it is not licit to acquire a deliver a customer without being responsible for the loss caused by the usage of the product. The right to claim the refund is absolutely related to the consumer, and therefore, the consumer has a valid authority to this right on any of the damages and consequences caused to the customer.

The law of liability

For any product that is tangible and manufactured under a manufacturing concern, have certain benefits that ...
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