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Nursing Care services Inc.

Nursing Care services Inc.

Concept of TOWS

It is a tool used to analyze the competitive position of an organization, and even a nation. Its main function is to detect relationships between the most important variables in order to design appropriate strategies, based on analysis of internal and external environment that is inherent in every organization.

Within each of the environments (external and internal) reviews the main variables that affect them in the external environment are threats that are all negative variables that directly or indirectly to the organization and also the opportunities it identifies the Positive external variables to our organization. Within the domestic environment are the strengths that benefit the organization and weaknesses, those factors that undermine the potential of the company.

Identifying the strengths, threats, weaknesses and opportunities in a common activity of enterprises, which is often ignored is that the combination of these factors may lie in the design of different strategies or strategic decisions. It is useful to consider that the starting point of this model are the threats and that in many cases companies come to strategic planning as a result of a perceived crisis, problems or threats (Menon, et al., 1999).

Nursing Care services Inc.

Nursing Care services Inc. is one of the largest health facilities in the state, about 2,400 people work over there of which 205 are highly specialized physicians. It has 28 clinical departments and over 50 sub-specialties serving a regional population of approximately 1,915,844 inhabitants and 588,589 people are directly connected with the hospital. The hospital has 1,012 beds and has an average occupancy rate of 80%. It is an instance tertiary care of high complexity. (

The objectives of nursing department are providing nursing health care in satisfactory level, develop competency of staff team, be familiar with patient needs, and collaboration with other hospital departments in effective way to improve nursing care services. Nursing department is managed by CNO who have diploma degree and 24 years of experience. Nursing care services contains 42 registered nurses (10 M; 32 F), and 28 midwife (22 are have diploma degree and 6 have bachelor's degree) also a 28 assistant nurses (22 M, 6 F), and 30 Aid nurses, whom exposure to nursing training programs about 6-18 months. Most of the register nurses were graduated from Jordan University of science and technology and other Jordanian universities.

The hospital care system is composed as follows: 

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