Tqm In Nandos Restaurant

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TQM in Nandos Restaurant

Total Quality Management in Nandos Restaurant

Executive Summary

The report provides an analysis regarding the total quality and operation management in Nandos more specifically regarding the management of quality and control as well as the elaboration of Nandos quality assurance. Thus, the report also aims to provide important concepts, models or approaches of quality managements that are implied in Nandos. The method also used to gather the information about Nando's South Africa and its operation prevailing in it.

Executive Summary2


Background of the study5

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Determinants of Service Quality Analysis in Nandos6

Convenience Criteria6

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Assurance Criteria7

TQM and its Importance7

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Total Quality Management in Nandos Restaurant


The restaurant business has always been seen as one employer for any competitive business, and this is because the act of eating and drinking is a biological need of every human being that no distinction of race, sex or age. Also the very fact that it is an activity which produces a link between customers and borrowers generating reviews that may be favorable or not people interact (Rose, 2005, pp 134-167).

Reversing an opinion or a negative judgment about a service or product requires many materials efforts in organizations, but much human effort. All bidders are subject to how we think and how the customer perceives what we offer, and it is this difference between perceptions and expectations that allows us to identify general and specific deficiencies in each of the services.

Many organizations try to approach Total Quality Management as mostly a routine subject. The way of approaching Total Quality Management is to start by observing an organization that has benefitted from the benefits of doing so (Cleland & Ireland, 2007, pp 56-78). In our day to day dealings we tend to learn from interacting with other people, observing their behavior, and remembering the positives of the people who we interact with. Same is the case with organizations adopt the policies and procedures of the organizations that have done well. The main aim of the organization is to do something which becomes a model that is to be followed by the manager and senior manager. The organization needs to accept TQM as a fresh start, where they commit to a new way of doing things, thinking, and a totally new culture.

Background of the study

The service quality and the food quality are choose to be analyzed and identified in order to help Nando's pointing out the major factors that can make the customer satisfied. Thus, pointing out the problem, policies existing in Nando's and also providing recommendation to overcome the issues they are facing.

This report provides analysis about the operation management conceptualization in Nando's specifically about the management of quality, total quality management and quality control as well as the elaboration toward Nando's quality assurance. This report also provides important terms, concepts, theories, models and approaches of quality managements which are implied in Nandos (m.nandos.co.uk).

Company Brief

About The Company

Nando's started their business in South Africa ...