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True or False

True or False

Directions: Please circle True or False on the true or false questions. On the short answer questions please answer on a separate sheet of paper.

Did you read the entire book of Hebrews before taking this exam? True

The universe was created and left to its own will. True

When Christ became a man He became something that He was not by nature, that being human. False

If our professed faith in Christ was genuine at the beginning, then it will be genuine to the very end! If it is not genuine at the end, it was never genuine to begin with. True

Anyone attempting to keep the Mosaic law today is doing it to their own doom.

The High Priest represented God to men. True

The act of abandoning Judaism was the pre-requisite to that of going on. True

When one rejects Christ at the peak of his or her experience and opportunity for salvation, they will not accept Him at a lesser level. False

The Levitical priesthood was abolished by the one who gave it to Levi in the first place. True

According to chapter 9, the entire sacrificial system had no ability to cleanse the conscience of the High Priest or of those he represented. False

The same trials that cause the religious hypocrite to flee the Word, are the same trials that strengthen the believer. False

God did NOT give us the full spectrum of the creation account in the book of Genesis, or any other book of the Bible. He told us that He did it, gave us all of the information to know that He did and if we believe it, we will be satisfied. True

Unbelief is a direct renunciation to the existence and truthfulness of God. False

The effects of Christ redemption were not retroactive. True

According to the instructor, what is the two-fold theme of the epistle?

The epistle itself is in the form of a general treatise rather than as a letter written to a specific church. For example, there are no specific exhortations or personal greetings. It is thought by some (Conybeare and Howson) that this letter is the epistle that was first sent to Laodicea (cf. Co 4:16), and designed to be shared with other churches, including Ephesus.

In your own words, who do you believe wrote the epistle of Hebrews? Explain.

The primary purpose of the Letter to the Hebrews is to exhort Christians to persevere in the face of persecution. The central thought of the entire Epistle is the doctrine of the Person of Christ and his role as mediator between God and humanity. The epistle opens with an exaltation of Jesus as "the radiance of God's glory, the express image of his being, and upholding all things by his powerful word.

List the nine “better” that Christ gives the believer that is superior to the Old Testament. Include chapters and verses.










According to the instructor, how many parenthetical warning are in the epistle and name them, including chapters and ...
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