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Twelfth Night

“Twelfth Night - the Laurence Olivier Version”

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“Twelfth Night - the Laurence Olivier Version”


William Shakespeare, one of the famous and most popular English poet and play writer in the history of English literature, many libraries are replete around the world with Shakespeare's great novels and still witness to the creativity in drawing characters. Through the movements of the pen on paper, it represents the attitudes and conflicts that takes place between the performers and demonstrate the framework set with them, with most creativity and skillfully. Readers or viewers cannot resist themselves to attract towards his plays. His work varies between the writings of comedies, tragedies and historic.

"Twelfth Night" - without a doubt is one of the greatest comedies of Shakespeare - it has always aroused admiration and criticism, on the public. These great roles, directed by different directors, which highlight the key points, that focuses comic, sometimes tragic aspects of the play, but throughout the play, one thing remained constant - a success with viewers around the world.

The fore title is believed to be an afterthought, created after John Marston premièred a play titled What You Will, Shakespeare's intended title for this play, during the course of writing. The title 'Twelfth Night', or what you will, prepare the audience for its jovial feel of festivities, consisting of drink, dance, and giving in to general self-indulgence. The subtitle, 'What You Will' implies that the audience is also involved in the merry spirit found in the play. This comedy is in five acts which includes 'verses and prose'. Twelfth Night, was written in the year of 1599-1600, perhaps it represented the night of Epiphany of 1600 and was published in the folio of 1623.

John Manningham, who saw the comedy represented in the annual festival of lawyers in the Temple at Candlemas 1601, compared in his diary an Italian drama, “The deceptions”. It is assumed that this is the deception of the Academic Enthroned (1537), which is the source of Bandello, Novelle, II, 36 (translated by Belle forest,Histoires tragiques- IV, 59), which in turn comes from the story "Apollonius and Sila" Farewell to the military profession, Barnabe Riche (1581). Probably Shakespeare was set at the latter for the sake of the wreck. The Deceived, were translated into French by Charles Estienne, under the title 'Les abuse' (Lyon, 1543). Deluded In Malevolti are the names and Fabio that can be approximated, respectively, the Shakespearean Aguecheek and Fabian. The reason for the lady disguised like a page, quite usual, appears in other works that Shakespeare might have seen, for example, ParismusEmanuel Forde (1598), which houses the wreck and the names of Olivia and Violet.


The action takes place in the imaginary kingdom of Illyria. Sebastian and Viola are two twin brothers, who after a shipwreck, are separated by believing in each other's death. Viola is saved in a boat and survives Sebastián find a boat that was Captain Antonio. The two brothers take different paths; while sailing along continuous Sebastián Antonio, Viola arrives in Illyria where,he poses as a boy named Cesario. They come to serve the Duke Orsino. He is in love with the countess ...
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