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A Qualitative Systematic Review of Experiences of Families of Patients with Pressure Ulcer

Table of Contents

Background of the Study1



Literature Review Framework3

History and Current scenario4

Emphasizing the Need of Awareness Programs Regarding the Disease for Families with PU Patients5

Factors Contributing to Pressure Ulcer and the Prevention Measure Accordingly7

Risk Assessment Pressure Score8

Families Having Pressure Ulcer Patients8

Details and Inconvenience of Treatment Methodologies for the families with PU Patients10

General Ulcer Controlling Steps10

General Impacts Caused on Both the Family and the Patient by the Disease Discussed in Several Researches11

Physical Impacts and Limitations12

Social Impacts13

Psychological Aspect13

Elderly Pressure Ulcer Patients in the Family15

Data Extraction16

Key Words16

Qualitative Appraisal Tool17




A Qualitative Systematic Review of Experiences of Families of Patients with Pressure Ulcer

Background of the Study

Many scholars still supports the fact that in spite of the many new strategies and reforms adopted by health sector of many governments, the health related controversies and issue still standout. Moreover, many diseases, infections, and other health related mysteries continue to trouble researchers and take away many lives. The researches include how the highly affected environmental condition in turn affects humans (Michael, 2007, pp. 15). Amongst many diseases that have been known to claim many lives is Ulcer. Scholars throughout believes that whatever steps were taken to control and prevent the rapid spreading of ulcer disease did not turn out to help a great deal. Hence, ulcer was becoming one of the major diseases causing the death of many since a couple of years or so.

Of all, the ulcer types however, pressure ulcer was causing the most problems. Researches also showed that pressure ulcer was amongst many reasons the individuals suffering from malnutrition would eventually die (Tanifuji, 2012, 1412). This is because lack of nutrition can make the elderly prone to ulcer. Therefore, immediate steps were taken with the pursuit of controlling the widespread of the disease. Awareness programs were arranged for the general public, hygienic conditions were tried to improve in all the hospitals and many nursing programs were introduced to help deal with the disease. In fact, Hill-Rom and Joint Commission Resources (JCR) in the year 2009 establish the basis of a Nurse Safety Scholar-in-Residence (nurse scholar) program. The basis aim of the program was to put into practice the clinical expertise of the nurses in order to deal with the crisis situation caused by pressure ulcer and also work in a sophisticated way on strategies and policies regarding the prevention of the disease (Jankawski, e.t. all, 2011, pp.258).

However, the families of patients with pressure ulcer, continues to suffer with all the economic, insurance, social, clinical and other troubling issues. Al though various awareness programs are now arranged for the public to have enough information to be able to take necessary steps to prevent the disease. However, some of the causes of ulcer are inevitable to avoid or prevent. Therefore, ulcer is not just an inconvenience for the patient himself. However, the family of the patient suffers side by side in all the financial, social and other ...
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