Unit 1: Individual Project

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Unit 1: Individual Project

Unit 1: Individual Project

This assignment entails detailing information, in the role of a paralegal, regarding the various legal systems faced by an organization. Through, providing the relevant knowledge about the different laws and legal systems in the U.S., this paper would help organizations to operate under the compliance of the legal system. These are discussed in the following segments.

Organization of U.S. Legal Systems

The American legal system is a multifaceted organization of State and federal level governmental divisions (System.uslegal.com, 2013). In the U.S. Legal System, the constitution is of paramount importance and is considered as the highest law in the country. The constitution is closely followed by the Federal Congress. This is followed by the U.S. Supreme Court, which consist of a chairing body of nine justices that are nominated by the President and approved by the senate.

Conversely, this organization of the legal system allows a transparent practice and application of the constitution, making it the sovereign legal practice in the country.

Affect of U.S. Legal Systems on Business Operations

The American Legal System has an intricate relationship with the different types of businesses operating in the U.S. These businesses, operating in the public or the private sector, are subjected to different laws and other legal obligations concerning various aspects of their operations (Bergen.edu, 2005). Some of the key legal considerations are highlighted as follows:

Political and Economic Environment

This entails the political and economic conditions of the country in which a business operates. With having a stable economy and political conditions allow businesses to function smoothly. Presently, the U.S. economy is facing one of its worst economic phases, where there is stagnant economic growth with rising inflation level. Furthermore, the government is going through a shutdown period. According to Matthews (2013) if the congress fails to raise the debt ceiling, would have a profound impact not only on American businesses but also upon global business machinery, as well. A key concern for businesses and economic analysts is that the U.S. government has never defaulted on its debt ever before. Thus, this makes future economic predictions hard. Hence, American businesses are operating in a very de-stabilized environment presently.


The legal system outlines the corporate tax rate that every legal and registered business organizations are liable to pay to the federal government. In addition, large business organizations also have to manage taxes and provident funds accountability of their employees, as well. ...
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