Urban Policy Development

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Urban policy development

Urban policy development


Urban policy development helps in understanding and managing the relationship between planet and humans. Urban policy development subjects are related to the global issued which affect the future such as environmental pollution, biodiversity, climate and environmental change, impacts of economic and cultural chance on communities and natural hazards (Hunkeler, Rebitzer, 2005, p. 345).

These subjects help in training about the natural and social sciences and provide the knowledge and skills which help in working in a wide range of careers in the private and public sectors from urban planning to environmental monitoring. Urban policy development can be defined as the evaluation and compilation of inputs, outputs and the impact of environment of a system. Urban policy development is considered as the most effective and comprehensive method which performs very well. It is considered as the only method which effect the entire product. It is considered as the approach which takes in to account product manufacturing, product use, Transport and distribution, Educational tools and extraction and treatment of raw materials. The main of this method is to reduce the environmental impact of products by guiding decisions. It is also used as a decision making aid tool for implementing sustainable development.

Manchester City has undergone many environmental changes in the past and at present it is still growing by setting initiatives of going green. This paper would discuss the Manchester Oxford Road Corridor and determine the benefits which can be gained by incorporating nature in urban policy. The plan which has been developed for improving urban development policy is Oxford Road Corridor. It is expected that this corridor will bring Economic growth and room for better investments, and will also be considered as increasing opportunity for jobs creation and cultural diversity.

Oxford Road and Birley-Field

The Oxford Road is well known for its past achievements centuries ago. It serves as a home for the Manchester City universities and institutions and is considered as the greatest mind builders and philosophers. Early studies focused on some stages of the sustainable products date back to the late 60's and early 70's. These studies put the emphasis on the analysis of efficiency in energy consumption and sources, consumption of raw materials and to a lesser extent in the final disposal of the waste generated. Around the same time, also in Europe was studying a kind of inventory that later became known as Ecobalance (Birley Fields Campus, 2013: nd).

The Oxford Road has undergone renewal in the past and is presently undergoing restructuring with the efforts of the Manchester City Council, Manchester Metropolitan University, University of Manchester and the Central Manchester University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. It was considered that the power consumption was a higher priority on waste generation, discharges and emissions to the environment. There were still so many demands from the public for companies to have into account the prevention of environmental degradation and the energy fuel prices had risen sharply and there was a need to ...
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