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US to 1876

US to 1876


The history of Spanish is marked with some great historic conquests. After fighting the remarkable battle of the Reconquista successfully, the moral of the Spanish army got boost up. They became one of the most efficient, unbeatable and disciplined army of those times. This self confidence made them think about expanding their territories through of the world. The Christopher Columbus' discovery of the colonies in North and South American lands and the fascinating stories of gold found in abundance there attracted the Europeans to no limit.

They in the early decades of the sixteenth century set out to claim lands for Spanish in the New World. They did not only claim lands there but brought some impressive stuff along with them. They were able to double the availability of gold in their land. They also brought some fine samples of fruits and vegetables form the lands of the New World.

Spain produced some notable warriors in those times that emerged as conquistadors and contributed fairly in expanding the lands under Spanish control. The great Hernando Cortes conquered the most developed Aztec empire of the North America in 1521. Incas of Peru was raided by Francisco Pizzaro and conquered in 1533. This Conquistadores army of Spain also includes famous conqueror of Cuba, Diego Velazquez. In short, these invasions brought a great amount of treasures in Spain.


Life in Europe

We, the Spaniards are born in the warfare. We have witnessed bloodshed since childhood. I was a part of the efficient standing army of the Spain formed under the rule of King Ferdinand and the Queen Isabella. I proudly state that I contributed in expelling out the Moors from Iberia. That was a great historic war that we eventually won and stood proud as an efficient royal army. Then I became part of the army that stood for Spain against French. During the initial stages of the war, we undertook quite successful invasions. We conquered kingdom of Naples in 1505 under the dynamic leadership of Gonzalo de Cordo. Under his leadership we became a highly disciplined and efficient army. But the peace truce which was signed between Louis XII and Francis I, has rendered us unemployed. So being a soldier through and through I was not satisfied with my life back in Europe (Pohl, 2005).

Gold is the most precious thing to us and the New World is very rich in this metal. Furthermore, when the war of Spain against France commenced in 1495, it was very obvious that the Spain would need to hire mercenaries to fight against the French because they are very populous than us also Spanish army need more resources to win this protracted war. So if, the war resumes then for the mercenaries, guns, canon foundries and horses we will need to have gold (Wise, 1980. pp 4-7). The New World is very rich in this precious yellow gold so out of patriotism I went to join Hernando to get gold for my ...
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