Use Of Natural Methods To Lower High Blood Pressure

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Use of natural methods to lower High blood pressure

Problem Statement1

Current Background1


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Use of Natural Methods to Lower High Blood Pressure

Problem Statement

To explore the relationship between natural methods like diet, herbs etc and high blood pressure.

Current Background

Blood pressure is the measurement of pressure of blood on the walls of the artery. It is measured in millimeter of mercury. The normal range is 120/80 millimeter of mercury. When it exceeds this value, then it is considered as high blood pressure. In medical terminology, High blood pressure is known as “Hypertension'. High blood pressure can become a cause to arise many serious complications and risk a human life. Including brain stroke and heart problems, there are many diseases, which are, a result of high blood pressure (Dr. Kenny, 2012). High blood pressure on the walls of the artery can damage other body organs and can be fatal. If high blood pressure is not controlled, then it can cost a life. High blood pressure can cause heart attack and then result in eventual heart failure (

There are certain causes of high blood pressure. Weight is an important factor which can affect the blood pressure. The more a person is obese, the more his blood pressure will elevate. The life style and routine of physical activity are linked with blood pressure. Lazy people and more sluggish routine raise blood pressure reading. Use of drugs, tobacco, and alcohol is very dangerous as it may be the reason behind high blood pressure. Excessive Sodium and potassium intake in daily meal can raise blood pressure. The way of living and stress level also affect the level of blood pressure and family history is much important for a spike in blood pressure (Wong, 2012). It is a point of concern for the health department that according to American Heart Association, one in three adults, in "United States", is suffering from high blood pressure. The alarming situation is that, majority of them do not know about having high blood pressure (Martin, 2011).

As Hippocrates, the father of medicine (460-357 B.C.) said: “Nature cures, not the Physician”, similarly many people all around the world believe in curing diseases through the use of natural remedies and methods. It is a way of connecting your life with the nature and avoid the use of medicines. Use of natural methods to cure diseases is very common in Rome, Greece, India and Egypt. Hippocrates has also endorsed it. In the modern era, “Vincent Priessnitz” established the first institute of health in 1822, where water was used for cleansing as the tool for a natural cure. Using natural methods to cure the diseases is called Naturopathy. Dr. Benedict Lust (1872 - 1945), who is known as the Father of Naturopathy got the credit for this name (


The use of natural methods like diet and herbs can lower down high blood pressure.

Sampling Plan

In order to conduct this research, our sample will be high blood pressure patients. The sample size will be of 100 ...