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Straight Talk about Vaccination

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Why Parents Refuse Vaccines3

Consequences of Vaccine Refusal4

Approach to Management5


Straight Talk about Vaccination


Safety of a new born is one of the most important responsibilities of parents. Therefore, immunization is consider to be one the most necessary health measure to prevent children from serious diseases and deaths. On the contrary, many parents do not encourage vaccination due to lack of knowledge regarding potential benefits and long term adverse impacts on their babies. Vaccination is the safest and cost-effective health measure to prevent children but, lack of awareness in this regard leads parents to prefer vaccination as a healthy measure for their children.


Statistics indicates that, refusal to go under vaccination is not only harmful for a child but, it also have its consequential impacts on lives of other children around. Researches verify that at least seven infants get infected by MMR in the country who are too young to get infected by the disease. Unvaccinated children are more infected by whooping cough, chicken pox and pneumonia which ultimately takes them to hospitals. Therefore, parental decisions are of utmost importance in children vaccination. Their understanding and approval can minimize the risk of serious damage.

Why Parents Refuse Vaccines

Some of the major reason for refusal of vaccination is ratability with respect to quality of vaccine, immediate impacts or side effects such as fever. Few parents believe that their children are immune to diseases such as tetanus, polio and measles, since such diseases are very rare in U.S. Moreover, one group of though consider such vaccinations as non effective tools for prevention. Approximately 60 to 70 percent parents refuse to indulge their children in vaccination process only because they have concerns regarding safety and side effects. (Salmon , eta l, 2005). Such concerns typically include weak immune system and chronic diseases in the ...
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