Victorian Age

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The Importance of Being Earnest

The Importance of Being Earnest


As ironic as it can be, it still remains a fact and that aspect of history, which cannot be erased by the contemporary inhabitants of the modern and develop world. The forefathers of the proponents of liberty and moderation were themselves once the slaves of the restrictions and rigid societal norms. It does not take long, for the world to impart the changes in it, and break free from the shackles of the society, which are not only deemed to be excessively stringent but also trivial. Similar was the case of the Victorian age; the western society was stuck and perplexed between the orthodox norms and the gradual moderation. Where the population was striving to break free, the Victorian society held them hard enough, to ensure their adherence to the core values and basic rituals.

Victorian Age and Its Characteristics

The era, of the Victorian age, is the period when the most renowned queen of England, Queen Elizabeth ruled the region, from 1837 to 1901. It was this era, which brought the prosperity to the English region in a meaningful manner. This era welcomed the industrialisation, utmost stability to the economy, and Imperialism with open arms.

Numerous researchers and scholars have deemed this era to be an era of peace and expansion. Where the world was deeming this era as peaceful, the English/Victorian society itself was undergoing numerous transitions and adherence to the core societal values. The society, on a broader level, had deliberately stepped away from the rationalism, and embarked into the reign of mysticism and romanticism, with respect to not only the social values, but also regarding religion and ever progressing and developing field of arts. It is widely believed that the reign of Queen Victoria played a pivotal role, in purifying and decontaminating the English society with respect to the prevailing moral values and norms. The prime characteristics of the Victorian age and society were the deliberate and influenced sexual (self) control, and least tolerance of crime and any other possible unlawful activity, and a stern following of a strict and severe code of conduct. However, as influencing and purifying these characteristics may appear, the greater chunk of the population seemed to be discontented from not only their prevalence, but strict influence and following (Cosgrove, 2008, pp. 30).

Brief Summary of the Importance of Being Earnest

As discussed earlier, the Victorian age gave eager propagation to the domain of arts, as well. Therefore, late 19th century was also an era of plays and theatre. Many individuals found the plays to be their inner voice and speak whatever their heart entailed. Somewhat similar was the case with “the importance of being earnest”. The primary plot of the play revolves around the depiction of the principal characters, trying to evade the stern societal obligations and restrictions of the late Victorian age. The writer very professionally and astutely has depicted the grave societal matters and emotions of the inhabitants in a subtle, humorous ...
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