Violent Behavior In Institutions

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Violent Behavior in Institutions

Violent Behavior in Institutions


The violence being faced by the human service workers is still pervasive within the society contributing to the increment within the crime rate. The workplace violence can be categorized as any act of violence against the person or property. The violence in terms of behavior often leads towards threats, intimidating behavior, harassments or any disruptive behavior .

The institutional violence has exponentially increased within the last five years. However it is rarely the case of physical violence which is evident from the FBI Uniform Crime Report (2009), according to which out of 13,636 murders within the United States only 10 occurred within the institutions. This lead towards the fact that the violence being exercise within the institutions majorly composed of non fatal assaults, and according to the U.SA Department of Justice the ratio of human service workers being assaulted over the job during their life cycle remains approximately about 50% (James & Gilliland, 2012, p.541).


Precipitating Factors

The major precipitating factors include Substance Abuse, that directly relates with the intoxication disinhibiting effect , that is individuals with aggressive nature are more impulsive to get aggressive and violent.Another major precipitating factor is Deinstitutionalization, that is due to the least restrictive environment for the patients with mental illness has lead towards more people having mental illness within the real world that ultimately contributes to the violence. Mental illness is another major precipitating factor that is directly relevant with the violent behavior. However, according to the evidence that Delusions, hallucinations and violent fantasies within the mentally ill people are more likely to contribute in enhancing the violence factor within them.

Gender, remains another major precipitating factor which includes the factor of male being more active in the assault activities is outdated. Females were exactly as much likely to assault staff exactly as ...