Virgin Blue Case

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Virgin Blue Case

Virgin Blue Case

Executive Summary

In this paper, I have gone through the case of “Virgin Blue” an Australian Airline. The Chief Executive Officer John Borghetti of Virgin Blue wanted to bring change within his organization. For the purpose of implementing change successfully within the organization, I have given certain recommendations in this paper. Kotler 8 steps for managing change has been recommended to Chief executive John Borghetti in order to address the issues after implementing change.

John P kotler born in 1947 is a professor in Business School of Harvard. He is leading author and thinker on organizational change management. He has given 8 step model in order to manage the change within the organization. For implementing change the biggest hurdle that comes in front is to manage the people or employees of the organization. For the purpose of addressing issues regarding employees and to motivate them to achive future targets Kotler 8 steps have been taken into consideration. Thesis Statement

Managing change means to manage the fear of employees in order to implement change successfully.


Managing change is a planned approach in order to shift teams, individuals and firms up to future desired position from the current position. Virgin Blue is an airline company, formerly known as Virgin Australia Lines, is one of Australia's largest airline companies. As well as having largest fleet size. It was come in to the existence in the year 2000 with two aircraft's on a single route. After the collapse of Ansett Australia in September 2001, Virgin Blue becomes the second airline of Australia.

After operating low cost carrier for several years, it improved its services to be a “New world Carrier”. Since its inception for the purpose of its branding it had sponsored a lot of sporting teams. It has also won certain awards since its inception. Virgin Blue has won five 2009 awards for Service excellence from the institute of Customer Service of Australia.

Despite all these things Virgin Blue is now thinking and moving towards change in order to make their business profitable. Chief executive John Borghetti, can bring the change within Virgin Blue if he successfully follows the 8 steps of the Kotler Model. Change is necessary for all the companies in order to become profitable. The fact of the matter is that positive change has been needed in order to progress. There are certain things which resist changing, if the company overcomes it then it will be able to make certain culture which will support its business and in this manner the business will grow or perform well.


In this case Virgin Blue can easily implement change if they utilize the 8 steps of the Kotler Model. Virgin Blue needs to change their business activities, but change will have both the aspects negative or positive. Managing change become standard for all businesses no matter they are small or large. The motive of all the companies is to perform well in today's business environment. Most of the businesses will go through important changes throughout ...
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