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The report focuses on the analysis of “Wal-mart Stores”. The aim of this report is to analyse the marketing strategies as well as of SWOT, PESTLE analysis of the Wal-mart. Wal-Mart Stores is the world's largest retailer and grocery chain by sales. The company holds competitive advantage in the fact that it the market leader with unprecedented scale and wide product assortment. Moreover, some of the strengths of the company which provides it with a competitive edge against its competitors include its confidence and ability to provide products at low price. The company's internal system and processes are always up to date with respect to the market happenings and competitors price. Furthermore, the company maintains strong strategic relationships with its stakeholders. It has a very efficient distribution system which employs some of the most effective logistics techniques. Wal-Mart is also very active in the field of corporate social responsibility. From the customer's perspective, the company holds a competitive advantage in terms of its store locations and excellent service provided by the floor staff. Finally, the report concludes with the overall strategies along with the implication and recommendations.

Table of Contents




i) Starting stage2

ii) Input stage2

iii) Stage of adaptation or comparison2

iv) Balanced scorecard (BSC)2

v) Translating strategies and determining objectives and performance measures2

The Connection between Strategy and Performance Measures3

Wal-mart's trading mix4




Public relations5




Physical evidence7

Wal-Mart SWOT Analysis7

Mission Statement7


Market Leader With Unprecedented Scale And Wide Product Assortment7

Internal Weaknesses7

Big Box Retailing Format Led To Low Penetration In The Urban Areas7

Litigations Affect Labour Relations Adversely8

Key Challenges8


Retail Sectors & Emerging Markets9

Grocery and Food9

Growth in Internet Retailing to Serve Larger Market9


Strategic Choices11

Porter's Four Generic Strategies11





Wal-Mart Stores is the world's largest retailer and grocery chain by sales. The company holds competitive advantage in the fact that it the market leader with unprecedented scale and wide product assortment. A strategy-oriented organization for managing a broad strategy will need something more than determining strategies for business. In order to maximize efficiency, the strategies and standards of evaluation of all these units should be converged and linked with each other. These links are considered as the strategic architecture of an organization. An outstanding strategy at the macro level of a company includes a system being made of interlinked components precisely (William 2006).


This framework which shown, in Figure 1 (Vance et al. 1994) presents instruments and methods which are appropriate for types of organizations (in various sizes). It helps with strategists to identify, evaluate and choose strategies. This framework (Figure 1) has five key stages including:

i) Starting stage

In this stage, the mission of an organization determined and its vision, and mission statement are prepared.

ii) Input stage

At this stage, the necessary fundamental data specified for the development of strategies. This stage includes the formation of the matrixes of external factor evaluation (EFE) and internal factor evaluation (IFE). It is likely that more knowledge about the input and output of the organization will lead to change of mission of organization even during the process of strategic management.

iii) Stage of adaptation or comparison

At this stage with regard to ...
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