Wanda's Visit

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Wanda's Visit


The main purpose of this paper is to make an analysis on the theme discussed in the drama “Wanda's visit by Christopher Durang”. Wanda's visit has been written by Christopher Durang and it was the last play which was held under the Young Director's Programme. This play was held at the New End Theatre.


Wanda's visit was the short one-act comedy. The director of this act was Kenneth O'Toole. Wand''s visit is comprised of the story of a couple named Jim and Marsha. The couple, after 13 years of their marriage, was facing difficulties in their relationship. They were not happy with their marriage life and were living a restless life. Soon one of the old friends of Jim “Wanda” sends a letter to Jim and asks him to visit her. Jim gets so excited of the visit but Marsha does not get happy of the visit. Wanda was a very good looking woman and she used to hug Jim and tell Marsha that Jim is a very wonderful man. Soon, Wanda has identified that in their high school she was interested in Jim and everyone thought that they are in relationship (Sam 90). Thus, later on Wanda started to flatter Jim, and Jim also gets trapped of her interest. After a visit Wanda left their lives and then Jim and Marsha started to live happy again.

The main themes which have been discussed in this play are the themes of back rub, facial surgery, visit, marriage doldrums, happiness, restlessness and promiscuity. The author has defined these themes by making an analysis on the marriage relationships and the different ways through which these relationships can get affected. The theme of marriage doldrums have been described by describing the angry relationships between Marsha and Jim. The author ahs mainly discussed the ...