Webct Vs. Blackboard

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WebCT vs. Blackboard


This research paper showed the information about course management solutions such as WebCT and Blackboard, and how these solutions are serving educational institutes. There is also discussion about the comparison between WebCT and Blackboard. In the end, there is a conclusion which shows that both course management solutions are considerable according to the need.



Research Methodology4

Objectives of the Study4

Sample Design and Sample Size5


Scope of the Study5





Method of Access6


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WebCT vs. Blackboard


Technology is advancing every day. Each day bring new ideas, revolutions and inventions. Today, no house and organization, is without computer. Information Technology is playing a vital role in reshaping lives. Today, Class rooms have changed. Students are expecting to see more technologies in their school time when the bell rings to the final bell. Educational institutes are searching for new tools and methods, to adopt technology. These technologies are essential in making the future of students brighter as compared to the past when job opportunities were not high.

Research Methodology

There are two main data sources of researches primary and secondary. This methodology used both the primary and secondary sources. The resources of secondary data were easily available. In order to collect secondary data, researcher investigates articles that are found in the literature. The survey was carried at different places by different person who mentioned in this paper.

Objectives of the Study

To study the comparisons between Web CT and Black board in the field of education.

To study the factors which help to decide whether to adopt any of these technologies or not in the field of education?

Sample Design and Sample Size

As the survey is to understand the effect of course management solutions on Education and Educational institutes, the research was specifically designed for the technical people who work in IT department.


Sample size was not large because it was not easy to meet IT professionals.

There are several statistical techniques implemented and conclusions have drawn.

Scope of the Study

The scope of the study influences the education using Web CT and Blackboard technology in several countries and also revealed the impact of cost and security on educational institutes.



WebCT is the important tool in educational institutes today because; it provides lots of facilities for students which include information management, improvement of learning personalization, enterprise class architecture (www.webct.com). WebCT is providing the best learning tools for educational institutes which is not just related to WebCT but also the third party tools. It helps the creators of the WebCT to reuse the information and share it any time when needed. It also provides the experience that allows the flexibility of the design of the course. The course instructor has many choices to construct and design the WebCT for students. The instructor can track the progress of the students that how students can learn and understand. The best technology of WebCT is the latest version which is 3.6. This version has all the features of previous WebCTs, and used mostly worldwide. The students which are disabled can fully enjoy this ...