Westernized Architectural Movements On East, Special Focus On Dubai And Abu Dhabi

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Westernized Architectural Movements on East, special focus on Dubai and Abu Dhabi



Problem Statement1





Impact of Westernized architectural movements on Eastern Culture: special focus on Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Problem Statement

Architectural work in today's world has become increasingly significant and important in recent years. For majority of the modern world architects, designing the existing buildings is where the future opportunities lie. Some of the authors have criticized the Eastern architecture of being influenced by western architectural movements because of the extensively modernized buildings being constructed recently all across the region, specifically in UAE.

Across the globe, there has been great impact of Westernized architectural movements. One of the most significant impacts of this has been observed in UAE. The critiques have stated that the region is moving towards lack of identity and is being substantially influenced y other cultures, specially the western culture. For example, in the article written by Greer (2009), she stated that Dubai is now becoming a city which neither, has character nor charm. On the other hand, it is stated by some other authors that Dubai is one of the fastest growing and modernizing movements which have grabbed the attention of the entire world. UAE countries, especially Dubai and Abu Dhabi are influenced by westernized contemporary architectural movements.

Since 1945, the flexible consensus which was formed around social and aesthetic goals of modernism started collapsing. New modernistic architectural approach was immediately spreading and becoming successful due to anti-modernisms, reinventing the modernism movement giving it a completely different meaning. Following WWII, the extensive rebuilding projects in US and America caused a number of critics and architects to questions basic presumptions of modern architectural movements. With the emergence of decolonizing world, modernistic movements had to radically adapt changing cultural and technological aspects. There came a dramatic shift in ...