What Art Means To Me

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What Art means to Me

What Art means to Me

In my opinion, the nineteenth century and the twentieth century have distorted the meaning of the word art unjustifiably, while making it clear that my speech is a painter, I am neither a linguist nor a philosopher. I speak because I see so many young people choosing to study art as brought to drawing and painting and at the end of the studies did not even draw and paint. They learn to do provocation.

By studying the history of art it is understood that the term “art” means “order”, it is said “Doric art” or “Doric” you say “Corinthian” to say “Corinthian art.” Today the word “order” we prefer the word “style”, this since the second half of the eighteen hundred you wanted that art was like music, then, the word “style” that was created to designate the order of writing , which had evolved by designating the order of the sounds, it was passed to designate the order of the shapes. Therefore the word “order” and the word “style” have the same meaning. By order is meant the spatial geometry of an object, i.e. the composition, arrangement, character, balance, symmetry, line, and so on. But the work of the art historian does not stop there, he studied the customs, philosophy, the history of a people, alloy that style to all that the spiritual world that lies behind and explains the need. So “art” stands for “order more meaning.”

At the time of the corporations over whether it was right that the painters were part of the mechanical arts, because, being part of the guild of dyers of wool, were poorly paid and were not represented in the government of Florence at the end of three hundred. This led to the revolt of the Ciompi, with which the painters had a representation in the government of their city, and was recognized that the work of the painter was an intellectual work, because they had to know the prospect and sacred texts. The consequence of this led Ghiberti to write a book of art history where, for the first time in history, they were together painting, sculpture and architecture. The following centuries this set of disciplines accepted as representative of the whole art. By this I mean that art history as the history of painting, sculpture and architecture had a beginning and it was right that he had a purpose. What makes me think this is not is what happened in the middle of one thousand seven hundred, the era of manufacture.

The encyclopedia is the ultimate expression of this period, where, through its authors, were exposed to the two theses of art: Alembert maintained that art is a gift of nature, which is not taught while Diderot emphasized the school and experience. Perhaps the world is made ??in such a way that the maximum coincides with the beginning of the minimum, because at the same time Baumgartner used the word “aesthetic”, with which changed the meaning ...
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