What Factors Have Contributed To The World Wide Success Of Pixar Feature Films? Do These Films Have A Common Theme?

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[What factors have contributed to the world wide success of Pixar feature films? Do these films have a common theme?]



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Brief Outline of the proposal1

Background of the Study4

Motivation for the Study4

Purpose of the Study5

Aims and Objectives5

Scope and Significance of the Study5

History of Pixar Animation Studios6

Business Description6

Aims of Pixar6

Marketing Strategies of Pixar7

Information for Potential Customers Need7

International Marketing Plan8

Situation Analysis14

Marketing Mix14

Market Analysis15

Competitive Advantage15

Target Audience16

Competitors (Dream Works and Sony)17


Animation Industry20

Computer Generated Imagery20

Freud's Theory of Uncanny and Animated Films22

Animation Techniques and Technology in Pixar Films24

Common Themes in Pixar Films24

Fundamental Factors of Success25


Case Study Approach30

Research Design30

Data Collection30

Literature Search Criteria31

Data Analysis31


Projected Time Table31




Brief Outline of the proposal

What factors have contributed to the world wide success of Pixar feature films? Do these films have a common theme?

To do this for my dissertation it will involve looking into the history of the company up to the present date. Pixar Animation Studios is an American computer animation studio based in Emeryville, California, United States. It has produced eleven feature films since 1979 when Pixar was founded. The first of the films was “Toy Story” (1995). It was then followed by “A Bug's Life” (1998), “Toy Story 2” (1999), “Monsters, Inc”. (2001), “Finding Nemo” (2003), “The Incredibles” (2004), “Cars” (2006), “Ratatouille” (2007), “WALL-E” (2008), “Up” (2009), “Toy Story 3” (2010) and later this year, the twelfth will be “Cars 2” (2011). Before the Pixar feature films were created, shorter animations called “Pixar Shorts” were made, lasting on average around ten minutes.

My intentions are to choose at least three of these feature films for my case studies and analyse the concepts and theories behind them and what common characteristics they have, making them so successful. At the moment however I am undecided and will pick from either “Toy Story”, “Toy Story 2”, “Toy Story 3”, “The Incredibles”, “Up” or “Monster, Inc”.

To do this, firstly I will have to investigate into Pixar's aims and marketing strategies to give me a clearer understanding of how Pixar is run.

This will then be followed up by looking at the target audiences they have chosen to aim their films at. I shall then have to carry out similar research on other main market competitors such as DreamWorks and Sony Pictures to compare them.

I would like to avoid going into too much depth on the other big rival companies, so I will only be covering them briefly. I also do not plan on analysing too many of the competitors feature ...
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