Why African Americans Change From Republicans To Democrats

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Why African Americans change from Republicans to Democrats

Why African Americans change from Republicans to Democrats


There are two types of political affiliations that have had a huge significance in the context of American history specifically in the context of African Americans. In the early years, blacks were known to vote in great numbers for Democrats. It is pertinent to analyze the trend of blacks favoring one type of political affiliation as American economy hails itself as following the democratic principles. Both Democrats and Republicans have been known to have their due share of pros and cons and have a great degree of relevance pertaining to African Americans. It is essential to look at the intricate factors that had a major share in African Americans turning to Democrats instead of staying loyal with Republicans.

There is no denying the fact that African Americans vote on a majority basis for Democratic. Democrats have been known to witness a huge amount of votes from the Black community in their favour. In a country that emphasizes the role of democracy to such a large extent, there are huge doubts on the question why a large number of Blacks vote for one specific political party. The essence of democracy signifies that all citizens have the required freedom to choose their political affiliations. Considering the historical facts and figures we have to find the answer to the question of the African Americans being politically homogenous characterized by independent reasoning [1]. The historic events indicate that the answer is negative. There was a high majority of Blacks that used to be Republicans in the past. At that time, blacks were not allowed to participate in the democratic party. We would look to find answers to the questions of the occurrence of these highly drastic changes as well as the mass political transformation that took place. This article will conduct a comprehensive analysis on the issues discussed above as well as look to challenge beliefs pertaining to black political identity.

With the ending of Civil War, a set of congressional amendments got approved that aimed at balancing the social and political contexts. They are categorized as Reconstruction Amendments [2]. The 13th Amendment has been known to eliminate slavery, while the 14th amendment has been known to grant citizenship to the blacks and the 15th amendment was famous for allowing the African American men the legal right to vote. Women were ignored to a great extent in these amendments until 1920 when the 19th amendment was passed for them. The southern populace and the norther populace were against this policy of allowing black men the legal right to vote. Many popular women advocates have been known to be highly resistant towards this law as they have been highly critical of the concept that black men were given the right to vote before allowing white women to vote. Conservative democrats have been known to have the controlling rights for the agrarian economy [3]. The south has been characterized as an agrarian ...
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