Why Russia Is In A "demographic Collapse"

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Why Russia is in a "demographic collapse"

Why Russia is in a "demographic collapse"

The demographic collapse in Russia

"By increasing the density of all types of violent clashes become more frequent than once. There is a subjective feeling that" we have something too much "and" Somebody once. "This sensation is ahead of the actual increase in the density, acts as a signal proceeds. Population increases in the proportion individuals who have fallen into a state of stress and neurosis. These do not last long and often do not reproduce". The fact is that mental health is poor Russians - quite obviously. Neurosis - 9 out of 10 individuals in my experience. However, according to therapists it is even more often. In the safe environment, people usually refer to "Nenashev" peacefully; often show interest, and sometimes even sympathy, hospitality. In this situation, very few are showing steady hostility to strangers, but all their attempts to incite the population remain in the final without support. But change the situation, for example, gather the children to school, and after a few days they will split: classmates - his, and a parallel class - strange (Solovyov, 2001).

At high densities of animals off of the program is not innate to encroach upon what belongs to others. Aggressive individuals are beginning to break the boundaries of areas of the neighbors, take away food, nests, and burrows. Depressed individuals can take nothing, but they are trying to steal unnoticed. Who watched excessive accumulations of gulls, he could surprise their strange behavior: while some birds are trying to fish the rest cling aimlessly on the water. Then the gulls are taken to chase thief and so on. Sometimes the fish is cooked all falls into the water. All the birds land on water, and once again sit back; waiting for someone from the normal behavior of the few surviving relatives will produce something. Again, take away and share. Comfort, quality of life for the population as a result of this change in behavior falls faster than increases its density. In humans, this behavior takes its forms, is widely distributed robbery, petty theft, people cease to work productively, robbing those who retain this ability. There is a senseless carve-up of crumbs on the spoil (Solovyov, 2001).

Reduced quality of life, increasing aggression and hierarchy, the population of animals leads to stratification in preserving a good environment for the dominant power and others, which deprives much of the food. If you're fed up tits outside in the winter, it probably is not just seen as dominant does not admit of subordinate birds to the feeder, hiding food in the cracks, sometimes as if bathed in it, throwing it from the trough wings. In short, does everything that the other did not get any crumbs that weaker individuals quickly began to starve. As a result of this strange at first glance, the behavior of dominant population is divided between those who spend the winter well, and those who are doomed to starvation and death ...
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